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Monday, December 29, 2003

it's tuanku abdul rahman's call...

hmmm..it's been an interesting day. PMR results just came out. usually i don't give a damn, but today tah macam mana masa tengok 8 o'clock news...my school's name came up. if u've been following the news...sekolah tuanku abdul rahman has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this year. sampai naik segan gak kekadang. i never would have thought that Dr. Mahathir would someday say 'high council', but that became a reality this year. of course...i laughed and made jokes about it, but deep inside....it still sucks. ye laaa...school spirits die hard. 5 years maaaa...i spent half of my teenage years there, so pardon me if i'm sentimental. '
so hearing that the school made the news because of the PMR results really felt good. it's the least the media could do after bashing the school officials and teachers in the wake of the 'gejala high council' crap. it was getting sort of out of hand to the point that i thought that our so-called rivals, the malay college boys were behind it. pretty pathetic when i think about it now. hehehhe....
i guess it's a small gesture considering what the teachers and students went through during the past year. aku yang bekas pelajar ni pun rasa tensen...bayangkan la kalau belajar kat situ during those times. pressure came from every side. semua pandai tunjuk jari je....old boys pressure, kementerian marah, mahathir bising....a lot to deal wit, i guess. so putting it all in the past and looking forward to the future is the best that they can do. i guess due recognition is served for all those wonderful teachers and people who really makes sacrifices to take care of these youthful and immature kids that we were. alaaaaaa...nama je high council...holidays pun balik mak bapak jemput gak....really cute. ahhhh...school spirit...u gotta love it don't ya?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, December 25, 2003

my name on a MPH bookshelf

on another note...some guy got a book deal from his blog. wow...best gile. i used to dream to become a famous author when i was in school. someone along the lines of grisham or king. then reality struck that i really sucked in fiction writing. how did i discover this? u can refer to my school magazine year 1996 to get a better picture...
anyways...i still dream to write somewhere. not a full time job....just for fun. hey...stephen king started out writing stories in porn magazines. so i guess Mangga will have to do here....yuck
maybe the best that i can do is to be the guest writer on sunday for the NST. but then...i'll have to be old and someone quite famous to do this. literary skills count for little here...sometimes the stuff they write about are just crap. and if it's something i'm good at...it's writing crap. so NST...if u're intereseted, my email is given below. hopefully HarperCollins is reading this...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

flavor of the month

if u've noticed...for the last 2 weeks...this blog has been filled wit work-related material. not that i can help it...ye laaaa..1st job la katakan. excuse me for being a little jumpy. today's my first taste of a public holiday. yeyyyyy...feels so good on being off on a workday. they should make it more often....
being the new guy at the workplace is kinda good. sure...there's the lonely times being at the cafeteria..feeling like everyone's watching your every move and whispering behind your back. but the truth is..nobody gives a damn...cuma terasa je sometimes. after a few days of mingling and fake-smiling...i've gotten to know a few people. so now at least there's people to borak wit. the good thing bout that place is there's a lot of people around my age there. most of the people i've met has only been wit the company for a year or less...semua fresh grads getting their first taste of working life. in that sense..takde la boring sangat nak kena layan old people who only talks about their kids and marriage.
and being the only new guy that they hired recently...i've gotten the privilege of getting my 10 seconds of fame. i think i've shaked more hands this week than the whole year itself. i'm also given the chance to make mistakes...something which is a no-no in this competitive environment. it's a whole new learning experience and something i've got to get used to wit.
my boss eats people...and that's the truth. i think the only guy he doesn't maki this week is myself. so...for these precious few weeks...i'll be he's pet...before i join the others in getting my face full of his saliva. woopeee....
and everyone smiles to u...that's the best part. little do they know that in a few months...they'll be wishing i wasn't even born. that's the sad part. my job requires me to see that production runs NO MATTER WHAT. ribut ke, gempa bumi ke, meteor ke, shipment must be fulfilled. to hell wit people....money is everything. production, production, production. i'm gonna hate myself in a few months...i can see it coming.
so before i turn into a monster, i'll enjoy the limelight. after this...people won't even give a f*** what my name is. maybe i'll introduce myself as the new guy again...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, December 22, 2003

Rocking Rio

my 2 cents worth on the rio ferdinand ban for 8 months....for me, it's quite fair. mesti orang ingat aku anti-Man U, but that's not the case. football rules clearly states that if a player avoids taking a dope test...he's already guilty and can be banned. a lot of people said that he simply forgot, but the matter in which he 'forgot' was really suspicious. his cell phone was off for i-don't-know-why. and ntah laaaa...maybe taking the dope test was something gile tak penting untuk dia so that's why he forgot. but c'mon laaaa..being selected for a dope test is something quite serious. it's not like a spelling test or a questionnaire. it's kinda hard for me to accept that he 'forgot'. with all the doping controversy going around in modern sports....can u really take it for granted? even though the matter in which it was handled was not that suitable, the man for me is guilty and the ban stands a stern reminder to all footballers to never 'forget'. if he's really innocent and betul2 forgot....well....the rules say if a player avoids taking a dope test, he's already guilty. lupa ke, pengsan ke, traffic jam ke, whatever laa....he's guilty. maybe they should amend the rules so that everything is covered...yeah rite...get real. kalo semua covered, we wouldn't need a court and judge would we?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Monday blues

holy crap...finally it hits me. after all this while, hearing about the dreaded monday morning syndrome, hearing the Bangles whining about it, friends and family having this solemn look on sunday nights...i'm coming face to face wit my first monday morning. last i checked, i've got about roughly 7 hours till wake up time. time really flies over the weekend. wasn't it just yesterday i swiped out of that place? hold on...that was on friday lah. so time REALLY flies.
the weekend is like payback time. kalo boleh..nak tido je till monday. my biological clock has changed over the last week. even though sabtu tak keje...still 'ter' bangun awal gak. how's that for improvement? usually i'm having brunch when i wake up. now...even though it's late...still falls under breakfast time (according to mcdonald's coz they serve breakfast till 11) how pathetic is that? makan time pun ikut mcdonalds. f***ing american culture...hahhaha...
so i guess i'll stop here. ye laaa...time is precious (imagine Gollum saying that). hopefully tomorrow will go easy on me. it's just another manic monday, wish it was sunday....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Saturday, December 20, 2003

the road less travelled

this working thing has a plus side to it afterall....i've never seen the klang valley-shah alam area more in my life than this last week. so what if i studied in UM for the last 4+ years....balik2 pegi PJ, PJ, PJ. habis best laaaa...hehehehe....
now i'm seeing parts of the city that i've never ventured into....namely puchong, shah alam and the putrajaya area. never thought they were bustling with people and city life. in this week alone...i think i've covered a lot of the main highways in the KL area...the LDP, KESAS, SPRINT, NKVE, MRR2, LITRAK (betul ke ni...) and whatever it is they report on the Mix FM traffic update with patricia patrick. and morning radio has never sounded better. i guess it's something worth waking up to. at least moral takde la down bile nak pegi keje.
tapi it suprised me the first time i passes thru puchong. dasyat gak ek that part of town. no offense to the puchong people, but i thought there was nothing around that area. and shah alam is wayyyy bigger that i thought. ingatkan penuh dengan kilang and rumah je. no wonder a lot of people stay there. so it's been a real eye-opener for me. mata aku dah la kecik...hehehe...
just when i thought i've seen it all...KL suprises me again. it's in KL, i guess...(technically in selangor...but aaaa..who cares?)

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, December 15, 2003

ready, set, go!!

today marked a milestone (pardon the pun) in my life. for the first time in my pretty pathetic life...i worked. a.k.a makan gaji a.k.a full time kuli. so now i've joined the rat race. the constant and never-ending struggle of corporate warfare and white-collar brutality. u're bound to join in no matter what u think...unless of course...u're a homemaker.
it went quite ok, i guess. pretty much how i imagined it to be....mengantuk, bosan and wishing i was somewhere else. and the best part is...kerja tak start pun lagi. baru training je tu....cayalah...
it's a japanese company....so now i know that the japanese are REALLY workaholics. selama ni baca je...now it's in my face. nasib baik secretary big boss tu lawa...itupun dia impot dari jepun. punya dia pandang low kat locals....secretary pun kena angkat dari sana.
so now i can say i'm contributing something to the economy. they have like this mantra at the office....make more money, make more money...damn the union...fuck the labor issue.....and i'm part of it. wow...just the 1st day and i'm already a corporate zombie....how good are these people??

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Vietnam or Bust

so the sea games has ended. another sporting event malaysia can look back on with mixed feelings. there were the hurrays and the joy but there were also losers and whiners. if u guys had as much time as i had....or maybe u didn't even bother...here's a lowdown on malaysians at the sea games all summed up in 5 minutes...according to yours truly...

Stone's Hero of the Games: Nazmizan Mohamad....who else? 2 weeks ago he was a nobody. now i'm typing his name on my blog...how good can u get? malaysia's new and proven sprint champion. sape watson? belakon video too phat bole laaa.. sape azmi ibrahim? kejap nak main bola...kejap nak lari...main telo lagi bagus...

Stone's Heroine of the Games: Yuan Yufang. last 2 years in KL they called her supermom. super in every word. last week she was having surgery. this week she has a gold medal around her neck. if that's not a great recovery...u tell me what it is...and so what if she's not 100% malaysian...she sure acts like it....

Best Asshole: Shooting team manager Ishak Hashim. caught shopping for souvenirs while one of the malaysian shooters was competing. had trouble with Roslina Bakar coz she wasn't told she was sent to vietnam to make up the numbers (substitute la ni) and somehow the shooting team's equipment had trouble getting to vietnam....hmmm...wonder who's fault it is.....

Quote of the Games: "Saya nak mintak maaf kepada semua rakyat Malaysia kerana tidak dapat menangi gold medal", said a dissapointed, 40 year old, 5-times SEA games champion Wong Tee Kue on his bronze medal achievement. how could u not forgive this guy? terharu aku...

Best Blooper: malaysian shooters came to vietnam without their guns and rifles. which is the same like badminton players without their rackets or hockey without the stick.....pathetic

"How the f*** can u lose??" award: Full strength Malaysian badminton team losing to a bunch of budak hingusan from Indonesia

Best Patriotic Moment: a teary eyed Wong Mew Choo as she sang Negaraku after winning the women's badminton title

Best goal of the year: Syamsuri Mustafa's wonder goal against the vietcong. even CNN showed that goal...first time dalam hidup aku tengok keeper score dari kotak penalti sendiri...

Best Hasbullah moment: hmmm..actually..he did pretty good this time around. except for the usual slip ups and "oh..bukan saudara..." line...there was nothing that really stood out. so i'll go for his shouting at the top of his lungs as nazmizan raced the 100 metres...

Awek paling emas: also a tough one to call...athletes la katakan..bukannya miss universe. this one must come from either gymnastics or swimming. so i'll hand it to nurul fatiha...sorry durratun....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, December 12, 2003

cuba lagi...

so the malaysian football team won bronze today at the SEA games. after a few days of thought, i thought they did pretty well....at least something, kata orang. but i guess that's the kind of attitude that will get us no where. asal boleh je. i know that those 11 players on the field bermati-matian atas padang basah ari tu. what they felt inside...that i don't know. but their fighting spirit is something that should be highlighted too. but after years and years of frustation...it sometimes get to me. i'm so passionate about it and i guess nothing can beat my passion for the national team. not even newcastle...logik la kan...buat apa aku sembah mat salleh bangang kat sana tu. they don't even give a damn about me. i'm just a supporter more than 10000000 miles away. i support them when i feel like it. of course tension gak bile kalah...but the agony of the malaysian team losing lagi sakit. a million times more....
so at least the malaysian team won't come home empty handed. actually, this was the best shot we ever had of winning the football gold. lagi 2 tahun akmal and friends won't be around as it's an under-23 affair. so we'll have to see how the new blood performs. silap2 menang....becoz malaysian athletes has this knacking ability to perform when not expected to. take nazmizan for example....and also hafiz hashim when he won the all-england. triumph when the pressure is not on them. so we'll have to wait and see....and wait another 2 years. hopefully the filipino land will provide the stairs to football heaven for malaysia. in any case....a word of congratulations to the malaysian football team, both men and women. thanx...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

1st week anniversary

maka dengan ini...berusia seminggulah blog aku ni. teringat kat iklan digi prepaid tu kat radio....10 second anniversary. oh, whatever. today felt really tiring. jauh siot kilang tu....kat hicom industrial area. tak tau la camne...interview was ok, i guess. pasang muka confident je....padahal kencing lebat.
a few days ago i went to visit a friend who was married. first time pegi melawat married couple kat rumah sendiri. they were married this year...but both are still final year dental students at UKM. how they manage....i have no idea. janji diorang bahagia.....anyways, it was something new to me. ye laaaa..member sendiri dah berbini. i've never met the wife, so this was my first time meeting her. sweet girl...but her bihun goreng could have used fewer salt....hehehe. (sori lukman..) takpelah...sedap jugak la aku balon sekali ngan member aku. they were a nice couple....baru kawin la katakan....asik nak bermanja aje....jeles aku...kakakakkaka.....
i can't imagine myself in a married life actually. benda tu mcm ages away....but it's something i keep in the back of the mind. iskkkk...am i talking about marrying?? that is sooooo not me. must be the fatigue from driving to shah alam.
talking bout marriage....i always look up to my parents. they've been together for 31 years now. i came a wee bit late, tapi at least sampai jugak, kan? i guess that's why they call it jodoh. be it 10 years or 100 years, the little quarrels at home and waking up to the same face every morning....if it's meant to be...it's meant to be. u'll never grow tired of the wrinkling face and the aging body....wow....wonder how that feels like.....
as for me....i don't wanna talk bout it much. aku nak kumpul duit dulu.....show me da money....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

interview with the vampire

on another note...after calming down from nazmizan's achievement....i went thru my first interview yesterday. it was not really gut wrenching...i guess it's becoz another friend of mine also was there to be interviewed too. for me...actually i thought i did badly. ye laaaa....muka mamat tu macam nak tak nak je layan aku. but my preparations was quite bad itself, masa tunggu kat luar tu siap bole borak2 pasal sea games laaa, bola laaa....macam syarikat bapak aku je. candidates lain tu muka masing2 serius je...takut aku. but i guess if my friend wasn't around, i'd be the same too. ye laaa..nak borak ngan sape? and i guess semua orang was quietly analysing the other candidates as well...not to mention awek2 kilang yang ada kat situ...hehehhe...
so when i was called....there was only one interviewer. he asked me...i answered him. that was it, quite frankly. but at the end of the session...he asked me if i had a question. so now i asked him...he answered me back. end of interview...i thought i bombed coz my answers were somewhat tahapahapa. so i went back with mixed feelings...i wasn't happy becoz i thot i didn't do well. i was also not sad coz i thot the experience itself was good in a way. at least...i've got an idea of what to expect. so when i woke up this morning to answer the phone, i was quite suprised to hear, "Mr. Amri...would you be available for a second interview tomorrow at 3pm?"
wish me luck....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

hail the new sprint king!!

i'm so excited, i just wanted to type it down...forget about the football match yesterday...i'll get to that later. nazmizan mohamad...the upm lad from terengganu just won the 200 meters to add to the 100 meter gold he won a few days ago. gile baban sialll.....i just couldn't believe it. menjerit2 aku kat umah mcm sakai as he lead the way throughout the whole race. he was never gonna lose today....he was first from the second the gun went off.
what really astonished me about this guy's achievement was the situation in which he won both titles. he was a nobody before the sea games. they didn't want to send him in the first place becoz he didn't meet the qualifying time. how bout that for destiny?? i've never even heard of him before the games....and i guess that's quite an achievement since i would say i keep a keen eye on local sports often.
he wasn't expected to deliver...but deliver he did. not once, but twice. eat your heart out carl lewis...hehehhe....
and it always brings me to think about watson nyambek and azmi ibrahim...the so-called dynamic duo who was rated to be the best sprinter the country ever produced. flying dayak my ass.....
nazmizan didn't need the media...he always knew he was gonna win. i guess that's the difference between winners and has-beens. he's already my hero for the vietnam sea games, even though there's still a couple of days left. cayalah nazmizan.....u kick ass...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Saturday, December 06, 2003

in the name of the movie

woooo...i guess this is the first time i'm blogging this time of the day. maybe it's becoz i won't be home tonite. gonna sleep over in KL...most likely in jalan gasing...but worse comes to worse...there's always hotel fifth college...hehhehe..
i woke up this morning to a plate of bihun goreng courtesy of mama and a dose of In The Name of The Father. i've watched the movie once...but that was ages ago. i love movies that was based on actual events...it brings out a sense of realism and satisfies the history buff in me. rasa nak meloncat je when the court dismissed daniel day lewis in the end. and i really loved the music they played in the movie...i have this thing for irish and celt music. a lot of violins...and a wailing woman's voice...kinda soothing.
and they started the SEA games telecast today...yeeeeee.....i'm a happy person. ingatkan takde coverage. cayalah RTM, i take back whatever trash i've said about u guys in the past. i guess i'm occupied now. i wonder what they're showing now..

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Friday, December 05, 2003

let's see that in slow motion

this week was one of the longest week in my life. aku pun tak tau apsal. it felt like ages since last friday...maybe aku dah mula rasa effect terlampau banyak lepak. itu yang buat blog nih....dah boring sangat. i started job hunting just before Raya ari tuh. so everyday...i would stop by my favourite websites....jobstreet and jobsDB. gile job hunting sial...gives me the whoolies....hehehe....
so far i've sent out 4 applications by mail. ari tu antar 2...today pun antar 2. so now i'm playing the waiting game...tunggu sampai bile aku pun tak tau. mengharap...man...i hate that. it's like a girl you like but she's not interested. i don't know what type of job that i want. the important thing is i love the job and it pays me a hell of a lot of money. itu yang susah tu....qualifications kalau magnum cum laude from an ivy league university takpe la gak. aahhhhh..who cares...i'm not being picky anyway...
letih gak mengadap komputer setiap ari...lagi rabun la aku nanti....hmmm.....
on the plus side...the SEA games started today...and so far so good. i love big sporting events...it fuels my patriotism. i caught a glimpse of the opening ceremony tadi on TV. the vietnamese look happy, ye laaaa...i think it's the first time they hosted such a big event. reminds me of the commonwealth games a few years back. masa tu it was like the whole country was in a carnival...the gold medals just kept coming in...and i was glued to the TV 24-7. i went to watch a few events masa tu and it was great. it was really Malaysia...not melayu ke, cina or india. sports has a way of uniting people, but sometimes it works backward. but at times of joy....everyone in the stadium was a brother.
so i'll guess the SEA games will keep me occupied for the next few weeks. itupun kalau ada lintas langsung bersama hasbullah....now that's a character that's been with us thru almost all the major sporting events. like him or hate him, he's the man so i guess i'll bear with him for this few weeks...unless of course....i get a job...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

today's lesson

man..penat siot nak setup blog nih. it wasn't easy, but that was expected. at least i learned something new today. lama gile otak ni tak terpakai dengan sepenuhnya. at least HTML ni bole la aku cuba paham sket...even though i just used reasoning without even knowing what the hell i'm doing. trial and error....the greatest technique created by mankind. if at first u don't succeed, try and try and try again. i'm kinda proud of myself today...even though it's nothing actually. copy paste je...but to know where to copy and paste was the tricky part. at least i'll sleep better tonite (macam la aku ni tak cukup tido...padahal overdose). i wanna give myself a pat on the back.....heeeeee....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, December 04, 2003

So I started a blog...

i guess now i have my own blog. susah gak menda nih. aku ni dahla bodoh bab2 HTML ni. what the heck...at least aku tak menyusahkan orang. maybe myself but i don't mind. was it worth the effort? only time will tell...hey...if it's one thing i got, it's a lot of free time....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o