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Friday, December 12, 2003

1st week anniversary

maka dengan ini...berusia seminggulah blog aku ni. teringat kat iklan digi prepaid tu kat radio....10 second anniversary. oh, whatever. today felt really tiring. jauh siot kilang tu....kat hicom industrial area. tak tau la camne...interview was ok, i guess. pasang muka confident je....padahal kencing lebat.
a few days ago i went to visit a friend who was married. first time pegi melawat married couple kat rumah sendiri. they were married this year...but both are still final year dental students at UKM. how they manage....i have no idea. janji diorang bahagia.....anyways, it was something new to me. ye laaaa..member sendiri dah berbini. i've never met the wife, so this was my first time meeting her. sweet girl...but her bihun goreng could have used fewer salt....hehehe. (sori lukman..) takpelah...sedap jugak la aku balon sekali ngan member aku. they were a nice couple....baru kawin la katakan....asik nak bermanja aje....jeles aku...kakakakkaka.....
i can't imagine myself in a married life actually. benda tu mcm ages away....but it's something i keep in the back of the mind. iskkkk...am i talking about marrying?? that is sooooo not me. must be the fatigue from driving to shah alam.
talking bout marriage....i always look up to my parents. they've been together for 31 years now. i came a wee bit late, tapi at least sampai jugak, kan? i guess that's why they call it jodoh. be it 10 years or 100 years, the little quarrels at home and waking up to the same face every morning....if it's meant to be...it's meant to be. u'll never grow tired of the wrinkling face and the aging body....wow....wonder how that feels like.....
as for me....i don't wanna talk bout it much. aku nak kumpul duit dulu.....show me da money....

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