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Friday, December 12, 2003

cuba lagi...

so the malaysian football team won bronze today at the SEA games. after a few days of thought, i thought they did pretty well....at least something, kata orang. but i guess that's the kind of attitude that will get us no where. asal boleh je. i know that those 11 players on the field bermati-matian atas padang basah ari tu. what they felt inside...that i don't know. but their fighting spirit is something that should be highlighted too. but after years and years of frustation...it sometimes get to me. i'm so passionate about it and i guess nothing can beat my passion for the national team. not even newcastle...logik la kan...buat apa aku sembah mat salleh bangang kat sana tu. they don't even give a damn about me. i'm just a supporter more than 10000000 miles away. i support them when i feel like it. of course tension gak bile kalah...but the agony of the malaysian team losing lagi sakit. a million times more....
so at least the malaysian team won't come home empty handed. actually, this was the best shot we ever had of winning the football gold. lagi 2 tahun akmal and friends won't be around as it's an under-23 affair. so we'll have to see how the new blood performs. silap2 menang....becoz malaysian athletes has this knacking ability to perform when not expected to. take nazmizan for example....and also hafiz hashim when he won the all-england. triumph when the pressure is not on them. so we'll have to wait and see....and wait another 2 years. hopefully the filipino land will provide the stairs to football heaven for malaysia. in any case....a word of congratulations to the malaysian football team, both men and women. thanx...

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