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Monday, December 15, 2003

Vietnam or Bust

so the sea games has ended. another sporting event malaysia can look back on with mixed feelings. there were the hurrays and the joy but there were also losers and whiners. if u guys had as much time as i had....or maybe u didn't even bother...here's a lowdown on malaysians at the sea games all summed up in 5 minutes...according to yours truly...

Stone's Hero of the Games: Nazmizan Mohamad....who else? 2 weeks ago he was a nobody. now i'm typing his name on my blog...how good can u get? malaysia's new and proven sprint champion. sape watson? belakon video too phat bole laaa.. sape azmi ibrahim? kejap nak main bola...kejap nak lari...main telo lagi bagus...

Stone's Heroine of the Games: Yuan Yufang. last 2 years in KL they called her supermom. super in every word. last week she was having surgery. this week she has a gold medal around her neck. if that's not a great recovery...u tell me what it is...and so what if she's not 100% malaysian...she sure acts like it....

Best Asshole: Shooting team manager Ishak Hashim. caught shopping for souvenirs while one of the malaysian shooters was competing. had trouble with Roslina Bakar coz she wasn't told she was sent to vietnam to make up the numbers (substitute la ni) and somehow the shooting team's equipment had trouble getting to vietnam....hmmm...wonder who's fault it is.....

Quote of the Games: "Saya nak mintak maaf kepada semua rakyat Malaysia kerana tidak dapat menangi gold medal", said a dissapointed, 40 year old, 5-times SEA games champion Wong Tee Kue on his bronze medal achievement. how could u not forgive this guy? terharu aku...

Best Blooper: malaysian shooters came to vietnam without their guns and rifles. which is the same like badminton players without their rackets or hockey without the stick.....pathetic

"How the f*** can u lose??" award: Full strength Malaysian badminton team losing to a bunch of budak hingusan from Indonesia

Best Patriotic Moment: a teary eyed Wong Mew Choo as she sang Negaraku after winning the women's badminton title

Best goal of the year: Syamsuri Mustafa's wonder goal against the vietcong. even CNN showed that goal...first time dalam hidup aku tengok keeper score dari kotak penalti sendiri...

Best Hasbullah moment: hmmm..actually..he did pretty good this time around. except for the usual slip ups and "oh..bukan saudara..." line...there was nothing that really stood out. so i'll go for his shouting at the top of his lungs as nazmizan raced the 100 metres...

Awek paling emas: also a tough one to call...athletes la katakan..bukannya miss universe. this one must come from either gymnastics or swimming. so i'll hand it to nurul fatiha...sorry durratun....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o