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Friday, December 05, 2003

let's see that in slow motion

this week was one of the longest week in my life. aku pun tak tau apsal. it felt like ages since last friday...maybe aku dah mula rasa effect terlampau banyak lepak. itu yang buat blog nih....dah boring sangat. i started job hunting just before Raya ari tuh. so everyday...i would stop by my favourite websites....jobstreet and jobsDB. gile job hunting sial...gives me the whoolies....hehehe....
so far i've sent out 4 applications by mail. ari tu antar 2...today pun antar 2. so now i'm playing the waiting game...tunggu sampai bile aku pun tak tau. mengharap...man...i hate that. it's like a girl you like but she's not interested. i don't know what type of job that i want. the important thing is i love the job and it pays me a hell of a lot of money. itu yang susah tu....qualifications kalau magnum cum laude from an ivy league university takpe la gak. aahhhhh..who cares...i'm not being picky anyway...
letih gak mengadap komputer setiap ari...lagi rabun la aku nanti....hmmm.....
on the plus side...the SEA games started today...and so far so good. i love big sporting events...it fuels my patriotism. i caught a glimpse of the opening ceremony tadi on TV. the vietnamese look happy, ye laaaa...i think it's the first time they hosted such a big event. reminds me of the commonwealth games a few years back. masa tu it was like the whole country was in a carnival...the gold medals just kept coming in...and i was glued to the TV 24-7. i went to watch a few events masa tu and it was great. it was really Malaysia...not melayu ke, cina or india. sports has a way of uniting people, but sometimes it works backward. but at times of joy....everyone in the stadium was a brother.
so i'll guess the SEA games will keep me occupied for the next few weeks. itupun kalau ada lintas langsung bersama hasbullah....now that's a character that's been with us thru almost all the major sporting events. like him or hate him, he's the man so i guess i'll bear with him for this few weeks...unless of course....i get a job...

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