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Thursday, December 25, 2003

flavor of the month

if u've noticed...for the last 2 weeks...this blog has been filled wit work-related material. not that i can help it...ye laaaa..1st job la katakan. excuse me for being a little jumpy. today's my first taste of a public holiday. yeyyyyy...feels so good on being off on a workday. they should make it more often....
being the new guy at the workplace is kinda good. sure...there's the lonely times being at the cafeteria..feeling like everyone's watching your every move and whispering behind your back. but the truth is..nobody gives a damn...cuma terasa je sometimes. after a few days of mingling and fake-smiling...i've gotten to know a few people. so now at least there's people to borak wit. the good thing bout that place is there's a lot of people around my age there. most of the people i've met has only been wit the company for a year or less...semua fresh grads getting their first taste of working life. in that sense..takde la boring sangat nak kena layan old people who only talks about their kids and marriage.
and being the only new guy that they hired recently...i've gotten the privilege of getting my 10 seconds of fame. i think i've shaked more hands this week than the whole year itself. i'm also given the chance to make mistakes...something which is a no-no in this competitive environment. it's a whole new learning experience and something i've got to get used to wit.
my boss eats people...and that's the truth. i think the only guy he doesn't maki this week is myself. so...for these precious few weeks...i'll be he's pet...before i join the others in getting my face full of his saliva. woopeee....
and everyone smiles to u...that's the best part. little do they know that in a few months...they'll be wishing i wasn't even born. that's the sad part. my job requires me to see that production runs NO MATTER WHAT. ribut ke, gempa bumi ke, meteor ke, shipment must be fulfilled. to hell wit people....money is everything. production, production, production. i'm gonna hate myself in a few months...i can see it coming.
so before i turn into a monster, i'll enjoy the limelight. after this...people won't even give a f*** what my name is. maybe i'll introduce myself as the new guy again...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o