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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

interview with the vampire

on another note...after calming down from nazmizan's achievement....i went thru my first interview yesterday. it was not really gut wrenching...i guess it's becoz another friend of mine also was there to be interviewed too. for me...actually i thought i did badly. ye laaaa....muka mamat tu macam nak tak nak je layan aku. but my preparations was quite bad itself, masa tunggu kat luar tu siap bole borak2 pasal sea games laaa, bola laaa....macam syarikat bapak aku je. candidates lain tu muka masing2 serius je...takut aku. but i guess if my friend wasn't around, i'd be the same too. ye laaa..nak borak ngan sape? and i guess semua orang was quietly analysing the other candidates as well...not to mention awek2 kilang yang ada kat situ...hehehhe...
so when i was called....there was only one interviewer. he asked me...i answered him. that was it, quite frankly. but at the end of the session...he asked me if i had a question. so now i asked him...he answered me back. end of interview...i thought i bombed coz my answers were somewhat tahapahapa. so i went back with mixed feelings...i wasn't happy becoz i thot i didn't do well. i was also not sad coz i thot the experience itself was good in a way. at least...i've got an idea of what to expect. so when i woke up this morning to answer the phone, i was quite suprised to hear, "Mr. Amri...would you be available for a second interview tomorrow at 3pm?"
wish me luck....

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