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Monday, December 29, 2003

it's tuanku abdul rahman's call...

hmmm..it's been an interesting day. PMR results just came out. usually i don't give a damn, but today tah macam mana masa tengok 8 o'clock news...my school's name came up. if u've been following the news...sekolah tuanku abdul rahman has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this year. sampai naik segan gak kekadang. i never would have thought that Dr. Mahathir would someday say 'high council', but that became a reality this year. of course...i laughed and made jokes about it, but deep inside....it still sucks. ye laaa...school spirits die hard. 5 years maaaa...i spent half of my teenage years there, so pardon me if i'm sentimental. '
so hearing that the school made the news because of the PMR results really felt good. it's the least the media could do after bashing the school officials and teachers in the wake of the 'gejala high council' crap. it was getting sort of out of hand to the point that i thought that our so-called rivals, the malay college boys were behind it. pretty pathetic when i think about it now. hehehhe....
i guess it's a small gesture considering what the teachers and students went through during the past year. aku yang bekas pelajar ni pun rasa tensen...bayangkan la kalau belajar kat situ during those times. pressure came from every side. semua pandai tunjuk jari je....old boys pressure, kementerian marah, mahathir bising....a lot to deal wit, i guess. so putting it all in the past and looking forward to the future is the best that they can do. i guess due recognition is served for all those wonderful teachers and people who really makes sacrifices to take care of these youthful and immature kids that we were. alaaaaaa...nama je high council...holidays pun balik mak bapak jemput gak....really cute. ahhhh...school spirit...u gotta love it don't ya?

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