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Monday, May 31, 2004

Stone & the city

so here i am...sitting at my desk waiting for 6.00 o'clock to kick in. hmmm...30 minutes boleh tahan lamanya. just 3 weeks ago i was working my ass off....6.00pm was just the start into the long-long night. now, i'm killing time just to reach 6. how times have changed.
my colleagues pun nampakanya are waiting for the clock. yesss...thank God for company melayu...hehehhee...
all is well in my new place. the pressure is very much less, the environment is okay and i love my line of work. being new to the oil and gas industry, this opportunity has really opened up my mind. there's lots of new things to learn and discover. i'm like a kid at the candy store, i want everything and eager to get it.
everything's new now...even the mode of transportation. i LOVE using the LRT, because i most definitely HATE traffic jams. even though it's just sitting in the car and pressing the accelerator, it SUCKS. and tiring and boring and anger provoking. now...tak payah fikir semua tu. there's a new definition...people jam. waayyy better than traffic jam even though the smell of sweat on the evening ride home sometimes gets to u. no matter, at least i'm moving and knowing who's wearing versace or CK in the morning.
i wished i had a computer everytime i get on the LRT. travelling alone on the LRT, staring at people, looking away into the window...there's tons of things that come to mind. it just doesn't come once u're seated nicely in front of the PC. the world isn't that nice...hehhehe...
ohhh...it's almost time. wonder what comes to mind on my way home tonite...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Pukul 3 pagi

okay..so it's not yet 3 am. i think they used to have a radio show on THR called pukul 3 pagi. it's almost 3 and i can't sleep. feel like i got tons of things to write inside my head, but nothing comes out from the keyboard. it's been a bittersweet day, that's for sure. anyhow, i just noticed something lately....malaysia is a very HOT country.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

We live in a beautiful world....

what kind of place is the world turning into? everyday it gets crazier and crazier and crazier....
some friends of mine just so happen to download the clip of the american guy who was decapitated on camera by so-called 'muslim terrorists' or whatever u called these creatures. the cycle of violence is crazy. one day u're seeing some fucking americans or british or whatever they are pissing on some poor guy and mocking them like some piece of shit, and then some asshole genius comes out with the idea, "why not we cut off that american prisoner that happens to be lying around in the cell, videotape it, and send it to al jazeera?"
good idea, you moron...
if u're wondering why i'm pissed, well, actually, i'm not. a few hundred years of being colonised and ruled by the great mat salleh just gets to me once in a while. and if u're wondering why the hell i wanted to watch that clip, well, let's call it curiosity. it's not often i see and hear some guy screaming like an animal until his head is dangled by the hair with no body attached to it. nightmare on elm street? that's for babies...
i guess violence is so deeply rooted in man's culture, nobody gives a damn about it anymore. when i was smaller, i would take an interest in serial killers which was kinda like a trend back in the 70's and 80's with the likes of jefferey dahmer, ted bundy and the hillside strangglers. now, mana ada dah serial killer ni. they're considered wimps considering how more normal, sane men can do their evil biddings. 20, 30 people u raped and killed? buat apa susah2...bom je dah confirm 100+ people mati.
timothy mcveigh, the 9-11 terrorists and the anthrax mail sender are the new waves of terror. they destroy more people than dahmer, bundy, berkowitch combined. serial killer konon...that's sooooooo 80's....hehhehe
i guess memang dunia ni dah nak kiamat dah. we're almost at the brink of our survival. the rate at which we're killing ourselves, kira nasib baik if we can make it to the next century. and we're not talking about the environment yet...so my suggestion and reminder for myself and everyone...
pray. a lot.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, May 16, 2004

a team for all seasons

so another premiership season comes to a close this weekend. it was a bittersweet season for Newcastle, and injuries to certain players didn't help the cause. from 3rd last season to being 5th this season and missing out on the mega bucks Champions League, it's gotta be a dissapointing season. there were the highs of reaching the UEFA cup semifinals for the first time, but that was that. the defense still leaked like my kitchen sink and Sir Bobby better be buying central defenders this summer. buta ke apa kalau itu pun tak tau...
semalam pun just squeezed into the UEFA cup, macam nak pengsan tengok lawan liverpool. so another season of european football becons. but this team is good enuff to play with the big boys, not some susah-nak-eja team from Slovakia. jeez...tolonglaa..
but i'm being thankful, and the UEFA cup is a consolation. better than nothing, rite? i hope this team will win something next season, league cup pun league cup laaaa...janji cup. just for Big Al. next year could be his last, so hopefully, he'll get at least a medal for his beloved Magpies. i couldn't ask for more...
on another note, history was made yesterday as the Arsenal became the first team since Preston in the first year of League Football in the late 1800's to go unbeaten in a season. yup...UNBEATEN, tak terkalah...P 38 L 0. man..i've never thought i would one day see that happening. such is the competition in modern day football, not being beaten once in the league is really, really something. this is my salute to the Gunners, becoz i know the team they got will go down in football folklore as one of the best to play in England. they'll be immortalized in the history books and deservingly so. someday, i'll tell my kids that i witness the great team of Arsenal '03 -'04 go thru the entire season without dropping a single measly point. unless this is just something that will be bettered in the next few seasons...and then everybody'll ask 'Arsenal who?' so savour the moment, you gunners...while my magpies plug the leaking sink....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Hi mom...i'm blogging

today's the 11th of may. mother's day was on sunday...did i forget? nope...i didn't go back to seremban to greet her in person. just called her up on sunday to wish her selamat hari mak. i guess she was quite suprised to get a call from me. just shows how caring i am on normal days. she'd always say, "Telefonlah rumah" when i come back after a few weeks time.
ahhhh...mothers....don't ever tell them their son is too old. i'm always gonna be the little kid with the funny hair with a running nose to her. that's why going home is ALWAYS therapy for me. semua masalah go down the jamban
i guess i'm writing this sebab rasa bersalah gak tak dapat balik seremban last week. actually, there was really nothing for me to do in kl. just felt a bit malas after the long weekend to go back home. hmmmm..biasalah...balik rumah nak buat apa pun...
i guess i'm a bit guilty of being a bit manja with my mother. i'm the anak bongsu...so shoot me. there's only the two of us, so i guess there's never the question of being unfair. cuma as a little kid, any decisions that didn't go your way was considered as bias. i guess everyone would say that their mom is the greatest, so i'm no exception. she may not be the smartest person on the planet, but her thoughts and stories on life are always great to hear. she gives a balance to my father, who's more of a disciplinarian (is there such a word?). so bila kena marah masa kecik2, there's only one place to run...hehhehehe...
i guess her careness and love always came naturally, being a former dental nurse. i kinda missed her working days, with her blue uniform and everyone addressing her as "Sister".
sampai skang dah pencen pun, people from the clinic calls her Sister. sometimes, when i think of it, my parents were really meant for each other. i think she's the only one who can stand my father's temper and strictness. she's one tough cookie...that i tell ya.
kalau time dia naik angin, boleh tahan ooooo...even the legendary 'Mat Padang', who happens to be an old penyangak at the kampung, had a standoff with her. hahahhaha...how many million times have i heard the story of my mother and Mat padang from the kampung folks. "Mak kau sorang je yang berani lawan Mat Padang", they would go....and the story would be told...sampai aku naik hafal dah.
being a product of the malay girls college, sometimes i felt she was really lucky coz girls during her time semua mmg trained to be housewives. she ventured out to KL to study when she was just 12, time zaman tu, i guess that was quite a HUGE step. nasib baik my late Atuk was wise enough to ler her do that...
i always feel lucky to have my mother as she is, and even though i'm no angel, i think she succeeded in bringing us up as the people we are today. it may be a cliche', but i learned a lot of things about life from her. our borak session over the dinner table at 11.00pm would always be something i enjoyed. (yeah...we're both late eaters). she may not be a datin or a big shot like most of her college mates, but she had class of her own. she's seen more of this world than me, and i think that's everyone's dream. just a retired dental nurse living on the outskirts of seremban, to me she's certainly more than that. a mother, friend, listener, teacher and adviser. happy mother's day, mama....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, May 03, 2004

A man and his car

Today was really productive of me ever since the long weekend started. kalo tak...i'd just be lying around watching TV or blog something. today felt really good. actually, my car should feel good, but when it feels good, i feel good too.
went to send my car to a new EON service centre which opened near my house. senang sikit nak antar service, kalo x i'd have to drive halfway across town just to get it serviced. servicing a car does wonders for the car and the owner. first thing is, u feel good driving the car just after its service. i could swear that 9 out of 10 people can't even tell the difference between a just serviced car and a car yang dah 1 year overdue. c'mon laaaa...it almost feels the same but as the driver, u feel like u're driving a new car. it's like this refreshing feeling right after taking a bath. u feel good even though entah2 they didn't even change one piece of parts in there. hey...u never know, rite? kalo tak, takkan la ada companies yang kena tangkap ripping off customers and such.
i kinda feel proud when the manager there (he was playing the PR game wit me) asked me how old is the car. it's into its 7th year and at 160 000 km mileage, it has never been giving me problems. even though technically, it's not my car, my blue metallic 1.5 proton wira sedan has been wit me thru thick and thin. all my varsity days were spent wit her and she's helped me get outa shit a couple of times. and best part is....she's never given me problems. orang je yang langgar aku, that's the sucky part.
i take pride in taking care of her, lagi2 sejak aku dah keje ni. when she's thirsty, i pump her unleaded gasoline to last a few days. on good days, when i feel the urge, i'd give her some taste of V Power just to jump start things. tadi first time, i used my money to service her. a milestone indeed....coz service kat EON is no small change matter...believe me...
tak cukup dengan tu, i sent het for wheel balancing and allingment after that. pergghhh...it feels good. u know that the car isn't exactly new and it's no Supra or Evo, but the feeling of satisfaction is there. so what if the car isn't actually babe material...."cam kereta family", to quote one of my frens. hehehhehe...family pun family laaa...i'm a family man gak apa....
if the lone ranger has his Silver, Batman has his batmobile and Han Solo has his Millenium Falcon, i have my NAF545. my trusty steed and partner in crime. she may not be super fast or sleek, but she'll pretty much get me from A to B in no time. sorry if i'm being sentimental, but sumtimes the car deserves a tribute too....hers is long overdue...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

80's Icon of the Month - Cheers

with another passing month, another icon to grace my site. times really fly when u have this kinda things. one minute u're done, next minute u're already typing next month's tribute. man oh man oh mannn....camne la editors do their job...
let's go to the telly this month, and what other series best defines the 80's than this bunch of losers we love at the Boston bar. Cheers...with its catchy theme song...u'd wish u were among the gang.
i first watched cheers in 1990 actually, coz by that time the series was already huge, and u can't really ignore it. they play it on friday nights if i'm not mistaken on TV3. masa tu TV3, series dasat2, tak cam skang, with its crappy lineup and cite2 murah from tinseltown. there was no such thing as astro back then, so suka tak suka...u just watched mike hammer and P.S. I love u.....hahahahha...best bila terkenang balik
so anyways, there was the charming Sam Malone, the playboy who used to play for the Red Sox. yesss...ted danson was a sex symbol back then...believe me...he kinda looks lame now on Becker, rite? with the rest of the gang in Carla, the wise-cracking waitress, Cliff, the mailman who lives with his mother, Norm, who never pays for the beer and always puts it on the tab, Woody, the innocent southern boy played by Woody Harrelson, loooooonnggg before he became a Natural Born Killer, Dr. Frasier Crane and his freaky wife Lilith who makes up the odd couple. i guess only Frasier is laughing his way to the bank, being the only successful character to get a spinoff series.
even though most of the jokes are american comedy, u kinda get a hang of it. it's not dead funny like friends or seinfeld, the jokes are more mature but nonetheless great. i fell in love wit the characters more than the comedy. Cheers taught me adult jokes which seem awkward to understand at first....hahahhaa....patut la aku rosak sikit...
they're currently running reruns of the series on star world everyday, so i try to catch it whenever i can. Cheers really redefined sitcoms which were all family-based back then. ye laaa...just look at the Cosby show, the Jeffersons, Family Ties, and Growing pains and u'll get the idea.
like all great sitcoms, it came to an end in 1993 and most of the actors were more recognised for the characters they play on Cheers rather than their real names. Cliffy is usually heard playing characters on Pixar movies if u noticed and Rhea Pearlman (Carla) is more famous for her marriage to Danny DeVito. i guess only small-town woddy made it...tapi dia pun dah lama x denga cerita.
i always like to think of the Jalan Gasing house as my very own Cheers...it's a place where everybody knows ur name...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Hari buruh kasar

ahhhhh...the long weekend is here. just what i needed....a long hoilday away from the factory, the machines and the smell of Calibre 116....yesss...this is LIFE. but the past week wasn't really bad. why? well....yours truly had the nerve and guts of steel to hand in his resignation letter last week....hurray!! and why? because he was lucky to get another job in KL dealing in the oil and gas industry....double hurray!!
so i'll be ticking the clock till 22nd May 2004, the last official day of Amri B bin B at Po**ma**ch (M) Sdn. Bhd. yessss...finallyy...i can type out that sentence. u don't know how i've been waiting for this oppurtunity. but i dunno who'll laugh last coz the next job i'm taking could be even worse. mannn...i do so hope not. tolong laaaa...
it'll be really a change of scenario for me. from the bustling factory site at Section 20, Shah Alam to an office space at Jalan Tun Razak....hmmm..i guess both are world's apart. inspite the fact that i'm really looking forward to leaving, there's that small part of me that just wants to stay. call me crazy or what...but it's kinda true. i've grown accustomed to the system and people there. ye laaa...having around 50+ people listening to you calling the shots gives some sort of prideness and feeling of being in control. it's not really something you can get everyday and certainly something my next job won't be giving me. but with great powers comes great responsibility...so says spiderman, and that's why i can't survive there. a second of miscalculation can make a whole world of difference. between getting the results and total utter failure. gile ke....but it's one hell of an experience. u just can't buy that kinda thing.
i've always thought of working at Po**ma**ch as my training exercise for keje macam nak mati. best thing is, they pay me for this training...and they pay well, i might add. but this isn't about money. man...macam tak caya aku cakap macam tu. now i know that money sometimes just isn't everything. it's doing the thing u want and getting the satisfaction out of it. i'm saying this coz the next job i'm taking won't be paying me more than what i'm getting now. gila gak bila fikirkan... people usually do job hopping to get a better salary...i'm doing it coz that's the line i want to be involved in, and where i see my future. anyone can say anything, but this kid just made up his mind and went for it. even my parents tak tau nak cakap apa.....
whatever the case...there's still 3 weeks to go for me at Po**ma**ch. i'm gonna miss the people there, of course especially the cute operators...but hey...life goes on..and i pray it goes on well....
and oh yeah...happy labour day for everyone reading this who wakes up in the morning, work their asses off just to get that slip of paper at the end of the month so that they can continue to live and work their ass off for the coming month.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o