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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Hari buruh kasar

ahhhhh...the long weekend is here. just what i needed....a long hoilday away from the factory, the machines and the smell of Calibre 116....yesss...this is LIFE. but the past week wasn't really bad. why? well....yours truly had the nerve and guts of steel to hand in his resignation letter last week....hurray!! and why? because he was lucky to get another job in KL dealing in the oil and gas industry....double hurray!!
so i'll be ticking the clock till 22nd May 2004, the last official day of Amri B bin B at Po**ma**ch (M) Sdn. Bhd. yessss...finallyy...i can type out that sentence. u don't know how i've been waiting for this oppurtunity. but i dunno who'll laugh last coz the next job i'm taking could be even worse. mannn...i do so hope not. tolong laaaa...
it'll be really a change of scenario for me. from the bustling factory site at Section 20, Shah Alam to an office space at Jalan Tun Razak....hmmm..i guess both are world's apart. inspite the fact that i'm really looking forward to leaving, there's that small part of me that just wants to stay. call me crazy or what...but it's kinda true. i've grown accustomed to the system and people there. ye laaa...having around 50+ people listening to you calling the shots gives some sort of prideness and feeling of being in control. it's not really something you can get everyday and certainly something my next job won't be giving me. but with great powers comes great responsibility...so says spiderman, and that's why i can't survive there. a second of miscalculation can make a whole world of difference. between getting the results and total utter failure. gile ke....but it's one hell of an experience. u just can't buy that kinda thing.
i've always thought of working at Po**ma**ch as my training exercise for keje macam nak mati. best thing is, they pay me for this training...and they pay well, i might add. but this isn't about money. man...macam tak caya aku cakap macam tu. now i know that money sometimes just isn't everything. it's doing the thing u want and getting the satisfaction out of it. i'm saying this coz the next job i'm taking won't be paying me more than what i'm getting now. gila gak bila fikirkan... people usually do job hopping to get a better salary...i'm doing it coz that's the line i want to be involved in, and where i see my future. anyone can say anything, but this kid just made up his mind and went for it. even my parents tak tau nak cakap apa.....
whatever the case...there's still 3 weeks to go for me at Po**ma**ch. i'm gonna miss the people there, of course especially the cute operators...but hey...life goes on..and i pray it goes on well....
and oh yeah...happy labour day for everyone reading this who wakes up in the morning, work their asses off just to get that slip of paper at the end of the month so that they can continue to live and work their ass off for the coming month.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o