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Monday, May 03, 2004

A man and his car

Today was really productive of me ever since the long weekend started. kalo tak...i'd just be lying around watching TV or blog something. today felt really good. actually, my car should feel good, but when it feels good, i feel good too.
went to send my car to a new EON service centre which opened near my house. senang sikit nak antar service, kalo x i'd have to drive halfway across town just to get it serviced. servicing a car does wonders for the car and the owner. first thing is, u feel good driving the car just after its service. i could swear that 9 out of 10 people can't even tell the difference between a just serviced car and a car yang dah 1 year overdue. c'mon laaaa...it almost feels the same but as the driver, u feel like u're driving a new car. it's like this refreshing feeling right after taking a bath. u feel good even though entah2 they didn't even change one piece of parts in there. hey...u never know, rite? kalo tak, takkan la ada companies yang kena tangkap ripping off customers and such.
i kinda feel proud when the manager there (he was playing the PR game wit me) asked me how old is the car. it's into its 7th year and at 160 000 km mileage, it has never been giving me problems. even though technically, it's not my car, my blue metallic 1.5 proton wira sedan has been wit me thru thick and thin. all my varsity days were spent wit her and she's helped me get outa shit a couple of times. and best part is....she's never given me problems. orang je yang langgar aku, that's the sucky part.
i take pride in taking care of her, lagi2 sejak aku dah keje ni. when she's thirsty, i pump her unleaded gasoline to last a few days. on good days, when i feel the urge, i'd give her some taste of V Power just to jump start things. tadi first time, i used my money to service her. a milestone indeed....coz service kat EON is no small change matter...believe me...
tak cukup dengan tu, i sent het for wheel balancing and allingment after that. pergghhh...it feels good. u know that the car isn't exactly new and it's no Supra or Evo, but the feeling of satisfaction is there. so what if the car isn't actually babe material...."cam kereta family", to quote one of my frens. hehehhehe...family pun family laaa...i'm a family man gak apa....
if the lone ranger has his Silver, Batman has his batmobile and Han Solo has his Millenium Falcon, i have my NAF545. my trusty steed and partner in crime. she may not be super fast or sleek, but she'll pretty much get me from A to B in no time. sorry if i'm being sentimental, but sumtimes the car deserves a tribute too....hers is long overdue...

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