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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

We live in a beautiful world....

what kind of place is the world turning into? everyday it gets crazier and crazier and crazier....
some friends of mine just so happen to download the clip of the american guy who was decapitated on camera by so-called 'muslim terrorists' or whatever u called these creatures. the cycle of violence is crazy. one day u're seeing some fucking americans or british or whatever they are pissing on some poor guy and mocking them like some piece of shit, and then some asshole genius comes out with the idea, "why not we cut off that american prisoner that happens to be lying around in the cell, videotape it, and send it to al jazeera?"
good idea, you moron...
if u're wondering why i'm pissed, well, actually, i'm not. a few hundred years of being colonised and ruled by the great mat salleh just gets to me once in a while. and if u're wondering why the hell i wanted to watch that clip, well, let's call it curiosity. it's not often i see and hear some guy screaming like an animal until his head is dangled by the hair with no body attached to it. nightmare on elm street? that's for babies...
i guess violence is so deeply rooted in man's culture, nobody gives a damn about it anymore. when i was smaller, i would take an interest in serial killers which was kinda like a trend back in the 70's and 80's with the likes of jefferey dahmer, ted bundy and the hillside strangglers. now, mana ada dah serial killer ni. they're considered wimps considering how more normal, sane men can do their evil biddings. 20, 30 people u raped and killed? buat apa susah2...bom je dah confirm 100+ people mati.
timothy mcveigh, the 9-11 terrorists and the anthrax mail sender are the new waves of terror. they destroy more people than dahmer, bundy, berkowitch combined. serial killer konon...that's sooooooo 80's....hehhehe
i guess memang dunia ni dah nak kiamat dah. we're almost at the brink of our survival. the rate at which we're killing ourselves, kira nasib baik if we can make it to the next century. and we're not talking about the environment yet...so my suggestion and reminder for myself and everyone...
pray. a lot.

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