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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Hi mom...i'm blogging

today's the 11th of may. mother's day was on sunday...did i forget? nope...i didn't go back to seremban to greet her in person. just called her up on sunday to wish her selamat hari mak. i guess she was quite suprised to get a call from me. just shows how caring i am on normal days. she'd always say, "Telefonlah rumah" when i come back after a few weeks time.
ahhhh...mothers....don't ever tell them their son is too old. i'm always gonna be the little kid with the funny hair with a running nose to her. that's why going home is ALWAYS therapy for me. semua masalah go down the jamban
i guess i'm writing this sebab rasa bersalah gak tak dapat balik seremban last week. actually, there was really nothing for me to do in kl. just felt a bit malas after the long weekend to go back home. hmmmm..biasalah...balik rumah nak buat apa pun...
i guess i'm a bit guilty of being a bit manja with my mother. i'm the anak bongsu...so shoot me. there's only the two of us, so i guess there's never the question of being unfair. cuma as a little kid, any decisions that didn't go your way was considered as bias. i guess everyone would say that their mom is the greatest, so i'm no exception. she may not be the smartest person on the planet, but her thoughts and stories on life are always great to hear. she gives a balance to my father, who's more of a disciplinarian (is there such a word?). so bila kena marah masa kecik2, there's only one place to run...hehhehehe...
i guess her careness and love always came naturally, being a former dental nurse. i kinda missed her working days, with her blue uniform and everyone addressing her as "Sister".
sampai skang dah pencen pun, people from the clinic calls her Sister. sometimes, when i think of it, my parents were really meant for each other. i think she's the only one who can stand my father's temper and strictness. she's one tough cookie...that i tell ya.
kalau time dia naik angin, boleh tahan ooooo...even the legendary 'Mat Padang', who happens to be an old penyangak at the kampung, had a standoff with her. hahahhaha...how many million times have i heard the story of my mother and Mat padang from the kampung folks. "Mak kau sorang je yang berani lawan Mat Padang", they would go....and the story would be told...sampai aku naik hafal dah.
being a product of the malay girls college, sometimes i felt she was really lucky coz girls during her time semua mmg trained to be housewives. she ventured out to KL to study when she was just 12, time zaman tu, i guess that was quite a HUGE step. nasib baik my late Atuk was wise enough to ler her do that...
i always feel lucky to have my mother as she is, and even though i'm no angel, i think she succeeded in bringing us up as the people we are today. it may be a cliche', but i learned a lot of things about life from her. our borak session over the dinner table at 11.00pm would always be something i enjoyed. (yeah...we're both late eaters). she may not be a datin or a big shot like most of her college mates, but she had class of her own. she's seen more of this world than me, and i think that's everyone's dream. just a retired dental nurse living on the outskirts of seremban, to me she's certainly more than that. a mother, friend, listener, teacher and adviser. happy mother's day, mama....

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