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Monday, May 31, 2004

Stone & the city

so here i am...sitting at my desk waiting for 6.00 o'clock to kick in. hmmm...30 minutes boleh tahan lamanya. just 3 weeks ago i was working my ass off....6.00pm was just the start into the long-long night. now, i'm killing time just to reach 6. how times have changed.
my colleagues pun nampakanya are waiting for the clock. yesss...thank God for company melayu...hehehhee...
all is well in my new place. the pressure is very much less, the environment is okay and i love my line of work. being new to the oil and gas industry, this opportunity has really opened up my mind. there's lots of new things to learn and discover. i'm like a kid at the candy store, i want everything and eager to get it.
everything's new now...even the mode of transportation. i LOVE using the LRT, because i most definitely HATE traffic jams. even though it's just sitting in the car and pressing the accelerator, it SUCKS. and tiring and boring and anger provoking. now...tak payah fikir semua tu. there's a new definition...people jam. waayyy better than traffic jam even though the smell of sweat on the evening ride home sometimes gets to u. no matter, at least i'm moving and knowing who's wearing versace or CK in the morning.
i wished i had a computer everytime i get on the LRT. travelling alone on the LRT, staring at people, looking away into the window...there's tons of things that come to mind. it just doesn't come once u're seated nicely in front of the PC. the world isn't that nice...hehhehe...
ohhh...it's almost time. wonder what comes to mind on my way home tonite...

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