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Monday, May 03, 2004

80's Icon of the Month - Cheers

with another passing month, another icon to grace my site. times really fly when u have this kinda things. one minute u're done, next minute u're already typing next month's tribute. man oh man oh mannn....camne la editors do their job...
let's go to the telly this month, and what other series best defines the 80's than this bunch of losers we love at the Boston bar. Cheers...with its catchy theme song...u'd wish u were among the gang.
i first watched cheers in 1990 actually, coz by that time the series was already huge, and u can't really ignore it. they play it on friday nights if i'm not mistaken on TV3. masa tu TV3, series dasat2, tak cam skang, with its crappy lineup and cite2 murah from tinseltown. there was no such thing as astro back then, so suka tak suka...u just watched mike hammer and P.S. I love u.....hahahahha...best bila terkenang balik
so anyways, there was the charming Sam Malone, the playboy who used to play for the Red Sox. yesss...ted danson was a sex symbol back then...believe me...he kinda looks lame now on Becker, rite? with the rest of the gang in Carla, the wise-cracking waitress, Cliff, the mailman who lives with his mother, Norm, who never pays for the beer and always puts it on the tab, Woody, the innocent southern boy played by Woody Harrelson, loooooonnggg before he became a Natural Born Killer, Dr. Frasier Crane and his freaky wife Lilith who makes up the odd couple. i guess only Frasier is laughing his way to the bank, being the only successful character to get a spinoff series.
even though most of the jokes are american comedy, u kinda get a hang of it. it's not dead funny like friends or seinfeld, the jokes are more mature but nonetheless great. i fell in love wit the characters more than the comedy. Cheers taught me adult jokes which seem awkward to understand at first....hahahhaa....patut la aku rosak sikit...
they're currently running reruns of the series on star world everyday, so i try to catch it whenever i can. Cheers really redefined sitcoms which were all family-based back then. ye laaa...just look at the Cosby show, the Jeffersons, Family Ties, and Growing pains and u'll get the idea.
like all great sitcoms, it came to an end in 1993 and most of the actors were more recognised for the characters they play on Cheers rather than their real names. Cliffy is usually heard playing characters on Pixar movies if u noticed and Rhea Pearlman (Carla) is more famous for her marriage to Danny DeVito. i guess only small-town woddy made it...tapi dia pun dah lama x denga cerita.
i always like to think of the Jalan Gasing house as my very own Cheers...it's a place where everybody knows ur name...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o