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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Price of a twenty

today i did something i have never done before in my life.
i bribed someone.
twenty bucks. such a small price to pay.
that was the price of my dignity.
the price of my selfish being.
the price of going against my beliefs.
the price of my weakness.
i am now part of that disease. i wanted the easy way out.
i got what i wanted.

what the hell was i thinking??

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Woman on top?

i actually wanted to blog about something else today, but a quick look at my Inbox showed a new e-mail forwarded by Khairiah. and what i saw inside really disgusted me. a real slap on the face. what were these idiots thinking??
i'm talking about the issue raised recently about the 1st woman to be the Imam for both men and women in the US, if i'm not mistaken. the rumour was first heard a few weeks back by e-mail (what else?). i was aware of the situation, but when u see the pictures like the ones i saw today, it really got me going. apa nak jadi ni?? Nauzubillah...
i'm no expert on religion and don't claim to be one, too. but i know for a fact that no where does it say that women can lead the men in prayers. if there is a rule somewhere, please o please do show it to me.
Islam has always treated both men and women with upmost respect and honour. it's just some dumb idiots somewhere who believed in everything to be equal. what the hell does that mean? men and women are not the same, and therefore...of course they can't be equal. there are reasons why women and men are treated in a different manner. so some people question why women can't do this and that...but actually, Islam never limits one's ability. it's just the way you do it that has to be proper. count it as an honour that prayers and fasting are haram during menstruation period. it shows that Islam understands the needs of women and is something granted especially for them. equal rights konon...nak check air bateri pun tak reti....
i might anger some so-called feminists with this posting. the hell i care. if u want equality, go check on ur balls next time u go to the toilet. and try standing up too while u're at it.
religion is simple. it's people who makes it complicated. there are both advantages and if u want to think of it as 'disadvantages' of being a man or woman. but just be thankful that among the millions of dead sperms in the toilet, u just happen to make it. don't think of it as being a man or woman, think of it as being human. because from the way most of these people think, they're lucky they didn't come out as monkeys....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Past tense

what is it about the past that makes us smile?
people are always saying how great things were when they were younger. i guess for some people the past can be painful at times, but for me...i'm nostalgic. honestly when i'm alone sometimes, i think about the past. the happy memories, because even though my life isn't that rosy, most of the times past have been great.
and i guess reminiscing about the past is like flipping thru the TV channels; u only remember about the things u want to remember. yeahhh...everyone has their ups and downs, but it's great when u think about how u used to do this and used to go somewhere.
this morning i had some things to settle around the Pudu area. i was really looking forward to it the day before because it's been quite a while since i walked from Central Market to the Puduraya area. this was once familiar territory once upon a time ago. i even had my breakie at Restoran Yusoff, one of the kedai mamak we used to frequent when coming back from Ipoh. the shop is just beside Central Market, and i was suprised to see that the shop has grown from one lot to 3 shoplots now. mannn..this guy was making business.
so as i had my roti canai and teh o suam there alone, i thought about how as kids we used to come here. and it struck me, why does it make me happy thinking about my school days? or anything in the past, for that matter. school wasn't really that great when i think about it. i was short and small and nothing like the person i am now. but yet, it was one of the greatest experiences that i had in my life. if i had an option to go thru it again, u betcha i'll do it. i'm even willing to pay for it.....
and other memories were great too. following my dad for his studies, going to Banting, and even my university days were full of happy memories. and so i thought...does anything in the past, no matter what occurred, makes me happy? i dunno. will i think about today when i'm older? will i say...wow...early in my career was great, masa belum kahwin dulu syok betul laaa or something like that? which is ironic isn't it? i used to hate school and exams and fuckin assignments and shit, but now...i'd do anything to go back.
so i guess everyday is a happy memory waiting to happen. so we bitch and curse and swear, but well...that's life isn't it? someday (i really hope so), i'll think about how great it was in 2005 and the wonderful memories it brought me. i'm starting to sound like a motivational guru, so i better stop here. it's just wishful thinking anyway, but heck...today is yesterday in the making, isn't it? here's to a better tomorrow...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Monday, March 21, 2005

90's Mega-Stars Reunion a.k.a Tsunami Concert

i'm making a habit of writing reports on special events happening in my life. since my normal life can be quite boring at times, excuse me if i get excited over these kinda things. but like i said, it's my blog and this review might come in handy should Rolling Stone magazine calls me for an interview. i'm talking about the Force of Nature concert last Friday at Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil. i along with a few friends were lucky enough to be part of what turned out to be a memorable night.
to tell u the truth, i didn't expect the concert to be that great. going thru the list of performers reads like a who's who list of hitmakers of the 90's. the only band to remind u that we're in the 21st century is the Black Eyed Peas. u could see that the theme was geared more towards hip hop and R n' B. these weren't really the people i was dying to see, but i went so more of because i felt that this was something special and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. fund-raising concerts are always a special occasion and having grown up reading about Band-Aid and Live Aid, i knew i had to get my ass down to this concert. and besides...how often can u get the likes Lauryn Hill, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men and Wyclef to perform together, in Malaysia? i think u stand a better chance of getting killed by a terrorist than seeing an event like this happening in our own backyard.
i went straight to Bukit Jalil after work on that Friday afternoon. arrived there earlier than expected as i was expecting traffic jams along the way, but maybe due to the school holidays the traffic was pretty smooth. that wasn't really a good thing though, because it meant that i had to wait for my friends to arrive (and i hate waiting). turned out that arriving early was a good thing after all, as i helped myself to some freebies from the Hitz.fm cruiser and got a glimpse of the red-carpet (or should i say orange) arrival of the stars.
as usual for any event in Malaysia, the show started an hour later than scheduled at 8 pm. we settled down in our seats which was on the Upper Tier and got to see Lauryn Hill who was the opening act of the night. from my aerial view, i could see that the stadium was quite full and people were still arriving by the minute. what kinda dissapointed me was that the centre area of the arena (directly in front of the stage), everyone was seated nicely. sitting?? in the front row of a concert? are we watching the Philharmonic Orchestra here or something?? as i was about to find out, it took a little time and the right performer to get this crowd going. some highlights of the evening, according to performer:

Lauryn Hill
i don't know much of her songs from her solo career, so i only got going upon hearing her final number, which was the hit single, Doo Wop (That Thing). teringat zaman Banting laks...

Innuendo + V.E., Sheila Majid, Anuar Zain & Dayang Nurfaizah
nothing much here, but i guess the local artists did themselves proud with good performances from everyone. though i didn't quite enjoy Innuendo's performance, even with their signature Belaian Jiwa which was quite good, i might say. Sheila Majid was her normal exceptional self, being so composed and comfortable in such a big event. she's pretty hot too, i might add for a 30+ year old mother. i really enjoyed it when all of them sang 'Ikhlas Tapi Jauh', one of my all-time favourites. and hearing it live for the first time was really a special moment. sad to say though, that both Anuar Zain and Dayang had hardly 3 minutes of singing time of their own, just being one of the vocals in the 'Ikhlas Tapi Jauh' performance.

Boyz II Men
i never thought the magnitude of seeing Boyz II Men live was a whole different experience altogether. with only 3 members left, they were still the king and defined what vocal groups are supposed to sound like. this was certainly one of THE performance of the night. though i had to wait 12 years to finally hear End of the Road 'live', it certainly was worth the wait. add to that, other Boyz II Men classics such as On Bended Knee and A Song for Mama, it was certainly one of those 'It's-so-good-i-could-jerk-off' moment. hell yeah, it was. no wonder Jeg was like an obsessed lunatic...hehe.

Wyclef Jean
if an award for Best Performance was to be given out that evening, my vote would go to this man. he got to whole crowd on its feet with him saying, "I travelled 26 hours on an airplane to be in Malaysia....so I don't what anyone here tonight sitting." with him doing covers on familiar hits such as Jump Around and No Woman No Cry, it was certainly a performance worth remembering. he did everything he could to thrill the crowd, from using his tongue for a guitar solo, getting everyone to light their handphones and even inviting his so-called bodyguard to dance along with him. this guy seriously knows how to entertain. Wyclef rawks!

Backstreet Boys
eyes would roll upon hearing this group's name, but i would have to admit their show was certainly enjoyable. i never, ever would have dreamt in my life of going to a Backstreet Boys concert, but after seeing their performance these guys were pretty good. they're true professionals, jumping here and there even though some of them are in the mid-30's range. they even performed some songs from their upcoming album which included the 1st single, Incomplete (i think that's the title of the song). i honestly think this song will be a hit. i could sing along just after a few minutes of the chorus...hehe. pop hits are something, aren't they? i almost got up and danced myself, but ego got the better of me for me to just sit and enjoy the show. alaaaaa...mengaku je laaaa...u sing 'I want it thaaatt waaaayyyyy...' when no one's around. :)

Black Eyed Peas
by the time these guys got on stage, it was past 1 am. i wasn't really in the mood so i just sat and watched them perform. it was a great performance, given the fact that people like me were already tired so they had to be lively to wake up the crowd. they certainly were lively, and u could have been forgiven to think that the show just started from the way they were all over the place. hip hop isn't really my taste, but these guys were pretty good. the crowd responded along with them and it was fun to watch.

Money Can't Buy Moment
Wyclef teaming up with Lauryn Hill for a Fugees reunion singing 'Killing Me Softly.' i used to love the Fugees and since they disbanded, i never thought of seeing them perform together live. this one is certainly the highlight of the evening. and the fact that it wasn't scheduled made it more meaningful. i love suprises, don't u?

as expected, food was quite expensive...with a crappy hot dog going for 5 bucks. i should have gotten cheaper tickets coz in Malaysia, i forgot that there are no rules and we ended up at the RM 500+ seats along with the people who just paid 82 bucks. lucky but unlucky at the same time....

At the end of the day..
it was a great....ehh..make that superb night. and why shouldn't it be? 6+ hours of live music, great crowd, more than a dozen of Billboard hits, great performers and performances alike, it was a great way to start what would turn out to be a star-studded weekend in Malaysia. add to that it was for a noble cause, i think the Force of Nature concert was a success. and oh yeahh..the memorablia was great too. i had a field day collecting free t-shirts, rubber bands, stickers and such. The strongest force of nature is the strength of the human spirit. very true, but we all know how powerful it can be, especially when nature calls...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Awek Jessie

dumb poetry and sexual fantasies aside, i wanna talk about a different type of fantasy. u know the song 'Jessie's Girl' by Rick Springfield? it's an 80's classic that's been covered by numerous bands including Everclear. here's a sample of the lyrics:

Jessie is a friend, yeah, I know he's been a good friend of mine
But lately something's changed that ain't hard to define
Jessie's got himself a girl and I want to make her mine

And she's watching him with those eyes
And she's lovin' him with that body, I just know it
Yeah 'n' he's holding her in his arms late, late at night

You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl, I wish that I had Jessie's girl
Where can I find a woman like that

hearing the song reminds me of the forbidden love which is falling for your best friend's girlfriend. it's a topic that's been covered by everyone including that Cameron Diaz movie with Julia Roberts if i'm not mistaken.
i've even seen it happen with my own eyes. but i guess never between best friends of course. but among friends, hell yeah it happens all the time. to me, taking away your best buddy's girl is almost criminal. no...correction...it's murder.
and why shouldn't it be? the person u trust most (or most of the time) has the friggin' balls to take something from under your nose. but it can't be help, can it? as the lame excuse goes...we are only human.
i've been lucky enough never to have been involved in such an incident. but from the way i look at it....it must suck big time. yep, BIG TIME if u're the one on the losing end. but that's me. i'm no daredevil. i hate taking chances. the unknown scares me. i'm saying this coz i used to have this huge crush on a girl who already has someone back during uni days. and to add insult, the guy was a friend of mine. not a good friend, but a friend at least. i mean...how the hell do u cope with that? the fear of rejection and reality struck me and so i looked away from afar. like a beggar waiting outside the restaurant in hope of any scraps. unluckily for me...there was no scraps. and last i heard...they're getting married sometime next year kot.
no need for sympathies as i've gotten over the whole thing a long time ago. just a little stupid crush (i thought i used the word huge just now). but looking from a different perspective, i guess we should count our blessings. if u're lucky enough to find someone who u love and loves u dearly, it's good to think that there's probably someone out there who would love to be in your shoes. we might not realise it, but it's the truth. i guess everyone has a 'Jessie's Girl' moment. and it's good once in a while to think that we're in Jessie's shoes.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Berani Jawab Laaa!!

u know those Friendster or email thingies where they ask a couple of questions and u answer each one regarding urself? it was kinda fun at first, but lately the questions seems to be repeating itself and were getting boring. i thought...hey..these aren't really the questions u want to know about someone. people want to know ur deep and dark secrets. so here's my version of questions that i'd like to know. these are the REAL questions that needs to be answered:
(Caution: Reader discretion is advised. May contain explicit and shameful material)

When was the last time you:

1. had sex?
Never had sex before. I'm a proud virgin.

2. thought about sex?
7 seconds ago. the research was true...hehe...

3. watched a porno flick?
2 days ago. and it was najwa ampang.

4. saw bare breasts in front of you?
hmmm...come to think of it...never ever seen a naked girl 'live'. gotta do something about that...

5. saw some guy's dick?
A couple of months ago in the sauna room at the gym.

5. masturbated?
hehhehehe...ishhhhh..malulah nak cakap (blushing). i would also like to add that Question number 3 has nothing to do with this answer...

6. got turned on by someone?
last Sunday to be exact

7. had a wet dream?
suprisingly....it's been quite a while. maybe a month or two ago.

8. wished you were a porn star?
last week while watching Wonderland

9. Would you make it as a porn star?
Nahhh...muka aku macam bebudak. Susah orang nak turn on nanti...ekeke..

10. Who's on top of your fantasy list?
Hmmm....hard to say. Cameron Diaz has this killer laugh i'd like to hear in my bedroom. Maybe Monica Bellucci lah kot...

11. Which part of the body turns you on?
Naturally...the 2 essential body parts, of course. But the neck is one amazing thing, too.

12. Favourite position?
Sixty-nine scores a hundred for me

13. Top or bottom?
That's why they call it Topman...

14. Fantasy spot for a quickie?
Airplane toilet. Definitely. Extra points if it's with the stewardess.

15. Why the hell did you answer all this?
I dunno. I was bored and had nothing worth blogging about.

16. Would you lose friends over this?
Probably. I hope not, though.

17. Who would you like to answer these questions?
Anyone yang muka tak malu like me.

so there u have it. 17 pretty fucked-up questions for a Tuesday afternoon. i rarely resort to sexual themes, but heyyy...we're all adults, rite? i know i'll regret this one day, but what the hell....i can always delete it. if i become PM one day, at least i have something to bring me down.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Jam 3 Pagi

Jam 3 pagi
Diriku belum lena
Hatiku terusik
Adakah kekalahan Lee Chong Wei tadi?
Adakah ketidakpastian kemenangan atau kekalahan Choon Hann?
Adakah kerana Man U menang 3-0?

Tak mungkin kerana sukan
Tak mungkin kerana Si Dia
Tak mungkin kerana keenakan petang tadi.

Mungkin kerana runsing
Mungkin kerana risau
Mungkin kerana kehangatan malam.

Jam 3 pagi
Aku perlu tidur.
Esok hari Ahad
Esok bukannya kerja
Esok hari cuti.

Jam 3 pagi
Aku perlu menaip.
Aku bosan
Aku nak buang masa
Aku dah sangap.

Pada jam 3 pagi ini
Yang pasti
Aku tak akan menang Sasterawan Negara.

p/s: We are sorry for the interruption. Normal programming will resume after the writer shuffles back his messed-up brain at 3 am. Thank you.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Not-So-Idiot Box

i was quite suprised yesterday to read that the Education Ministry has urged students to watch more TV to improve their English. actually, it's been something that i've believed in for quite some time. i'm no English professor or something to say that my English is top-notch (though being Spelling Bee champion in Second Grade really boosted my confidence..hehe), but i would have to agree that my fascination with the English language was mostly due to the telly.
it's true. before i could read, i remembered watching cartoon shows as a kid and bit by bit...i started picking up on what they're saying. u don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand Tom & Jerry or Popeye, but from the words that they utter, u get an idea of what's going on even though u're just 5 and the world seems to be irrelevant to you.
one show that really stands out in my mind is Sesame Street. if i could pinpoint one show that really helped me in the process of learning...it would be Sesame Street. i really owe it to Big Bird and Gang. i kinda miss the show too.
and it's something that i can see from my own eyes as well, watching my little cousins growing up on their staple diet of Cartoon Network and Playhouse Disney. they start to pick up on what the characters are saying, and it's funny too watching them talk like grownups without understanding a word they're saying.
from my own personal experience, TV really helped me grasp how the English language was used. for me, language is not about nouns and verbs and whatever things. i never understood all that. that's why i think i'll never make a good English teacher. it all depends on how it sounds. if it sounds okay, then it's probably right. i think most people are like that. i mean...just like using Bahasa...u don't give a damn about ayat penyata or ayat whatever ke...it just rolls off your tongue coz it sounds okay laaaa.
but i have to say that TV alone is not enough. i think the best advice my English teacher told me was to read. A LOT. because watching TV and picking up the lingo is one thing, reading and writing is a whole different ball game. i once read that Stephen King reads more than a hundred novels a month. i don't know if it's true, but reading his novels certainly proves that. no wonder he's so good at what he does. what are my chances as someone who only reads newspapers and other people's blogs?
with the current Education System which relies heavily in English, i kinda pity the students from rural areas. it's not what u would call a level playing field compared to schools in the city. and to make matters worse, they have to rely on the RTM channels for their exposure to English. and we all know how crappy English shows are on RTM.
but we have to face the truth. English is a powerful language to make it in today's world. like it or not, we have to learn it and that means for everyone. so turn on the telly and let's sing along together.....

Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Gerak Khas Trilogy

i came across this article by local filmmaker Amir Muhammad as i was browsing along on a dull, Tuesday afternoon:

Polis & Negro - Kenalilah musuh-musuh bangsa bersama pasukan Gerak Khas!

i have nothing against Yusoff Haslam other than the fact that i think his movies suck, but reading Amir's 'review' of the movie was just a riot. take, for example:

"Penampilan filem Gerak Khas kini sedikit berbeza. Pelakon lelaki utamanya AC Mizal telahpun diganti oleh Norman Hakim dalam siri TV dan juga filem, namun tanpa apa-apa sebab diberikan dalam filem ini sendiri. (Gosip aktor pertama itu sudahpun sedia maklum; kalau sudah lupa, semaklah semula tulisan-tulisan Huzz dan Juwie). Teknik Dolby Digital Surround juga dimanfaatkan buat pertama kalinya dalam siri ini, agar babak dushum-dushum lebih mengesankan.

hahaha...the perfect cure for today. just reading the title got me going. and i sincerely doubt it when he writes "Sebagai penonton setia siri filem ini, saya harap pasukan ini terus cekal dan waspada hendaknya." yeah. whatever.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tongue Twister

I heard over the radio this morning about some guy in China who went for an operation because he had 3 tongues. yepp...not one, not two, but THREE. seemed that he grew the extra tongues when he was growing up. so finally, after all these years....he went for an operation for this peculiar complication. after the operation, he said he was relieved to finally be able to eat normally like everyone else. there was something disturbing however. the only person to complain about the operation is his WIFE. hmmmm...i wonder why....

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yahoo! They're 10!

i got a nice surprise this morning when i opened up Yahoo to check my email. goodness...Yahoo is 10 already?? wow...how time flies. it got me back to reminisce about the early days of the Internet (in Malaysia, that is).
Yahoo celebrating their 10th birthday is quite significant to me. i mean...to be honest, Yahoo was one of the first websites that i knew about (when i just learned what the hell a 'website' is). Yahoo has been my Home space ever since i was logged on, right before Google came along and wooed me. before the grand arrival of Google, Yahoo was THE search engine for me (i kinda recalled that Yahoo was powered by the Google engine some time back). it was easy, fast and the results seemed relevant. plus, they had other cool stuff too that i think even Google couldn't match. the online games, web-based email, mailing groups, greeting cards, u name it. Yahoo is the one-stop website for anything and everything.
they have this great 'netrospective' of the past 10 years on their website today. i remembered the first time i logged on to the Internet way back in '96. they had this IT promotional campaign hosted by the Perak Government at the Indoor Stadium in Ipoh. of course, being school kids, we were dragged along for the ride too.
at the fair, they lined up about 20-30 PCs for people to experience the wonderful world of the Internet. i remembered waiting quite a while to get a turn. masa tu jakun gile, site mana nak masuk pun tak tau. i remembered Amin showing me a few pointers (thanks, man). i remembered sites such as Yahoo, Netscape, Magellan (is this still around?) and Excite being among the first i visited. it's kinda funny when i think about it. the only thing u could use to get on the internet was Netscape Navigator and i recalled learning for the first time the usage of the Back, Forward, Stop and Reload buttons. hahaha...nowadays they seem so irrelevant. the Internet was like a whole new world opening up to you. everything was at your fingertips. mannn...it was like having sex for the first time (as if i know how that feels like).
the Internet have changed dramatically over the past few years. it's kinda cool too, to have been around to see its changes. the hypes and has-beens. for example...it gives me a good feeling that i've downloaded a song from Napster not once, but quite a few times u know....hahahhaha..bangga gile. u know...just being one of the 'in' crowd, when Napster was the symbol of youth anarchy at its best. and how times have changed when i see the new paid version of the same application.
but suprisingly, Yahoo remains the same lovable website that i first knew back then. actually, when they did a makeover of the Yahoo website last year, i was quite dissapointed coz i'm a sentimental freak. i hate when things i've grown accustomed to changes.
but u couldn't talk about the Internet without mentioning Yahoo. they made the net easier and fun. i'm proud to say that i've been a registered Yahoo user for 7 years now. my current Yahoo address is my second web-based e-mail account. my first e-mail address in the whole wide world is abukhairi@mailexcite.com. yepp....excite. being the 'konon anti-mainstrem' kid i was, i wasn't gonna go for hotmail. no way. but the account is disabled now, leaving my Yahoo account my longest serving e-mail address. i still have the 1st e-mail received there (other than the welcome note) which was a registration to vote for the Web awards or the Webbies way back in January 1998. they even sent me a pair of 3-D glasses afterwards for all my troubles. hehe...
it would be unimaginable to picture the world today without the Internet. there are so many sites and things to see. it's become so much a part of us that we hardly realize how much we depend on it. the Internet even offers me a sort of therapy in the form of this blog. what would i do without the Internet? and so on this day, i raise a toast to one of the landmarks that helped shape it. Happy birthday, Yahoo!

*check out the Yahoo page back in 1995. macam OPAC with colour....huhu

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Matasepet Reviews Sepet

you would expect that a blog with matasepet in its name would give some sort of response to Yasmin Ahmad's cross-cultural love story, Sepet. well, u're right. though it has no relations to my life, firstly being that i am a malay who has never had an inter-racial relationship in my life...i guess most Malaysians can identify with the film. i won't try to be a Siskel & Ebert wannabe here with some sort of smart review. i think movies are best reviewed by anyone who loves movies. period. and being a movie-lover, this is how i see Sepet as an audience in Row K on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
i never would have imagined that one day i would hear the word 'sepet' on TV and radio. i don't know if it's registered in the Kamus Dewan or something, but ever since i could remember, i've been stuck with this word. even my mum has this manja name for me when i was little that had something to do with sepet. so when i heard that a movie called 'Sepet' was coming out, i knew i had to go and see it. it's like associating myself with something that has nothing to do with me. talk about wishful thinking...
for the record, Sepet becomes the second local movie that i went to see at the cinema. 2 times in a couple of months. hmmm...not bad, i suppose. and yet, i haven't been dissapointed. the thing that i really loved about Sepet is the smart dialogue. the script for me, was excellent. and the main cast delivered it with style. for me, a good indication of a great script is having a conversation played out on screen for a couple of minutes without the camera changing angles. it just focuses on the dialogue being said without relying much on visuals, i thought the best part was the scene when Orked and Jason went on their first date at a fast food joint. kinda reminded me of Quentin Tarantino movies that have the characters talking plain crap. but that's how it is in the real world, when we talk...we talk crap most of the time. and it's cool, too. some notable quotes (from the top of my head):

"I remember growing up watching P. Ramlee movies."
"Oh yeah..they're the best."
"What happened to Malay movies ahh?" ouch

"What is it with you and orang-orang mata sepet?"
"Mata sepet lah best." damn right u are, girl

(playing Scrabble)
"M-I-L-F? That's not a word!"
"It's err...mother likes....(mumbling)" is this MILF what i think it is?? the one that Gasingers love to download...hehe...

"Kau tu Mat Salleh celup! English paper pun fail!" we got plenty of 'em here alrightt...

i was really impressed with both leads Choo Seong and Sharifah Amani. both were 'selamba' and did their part with sheer coolness, despite being newcomers to the big screen. it was a delight to watch the two of them and her cuteness certainly didn't do harm to the cause.
supported by the likes of Ida Nerina and Harith Iskandar, you had a blend of the old and new. but some of the other supporting cast didn't do justice to the great script by delivering some rather less-convincing performances. i thought some of them were really like the drama swasta you see on RTM, which was rather sad for a film like this. other than that, i had no real complaints about Sepet.
set against the classic, retro background of Ipoh town, i thought it was an excellent choice. it gives you some sort of a funny feeling seeing the places u're so familiar with on the movie screen. i mean...we're so used to seeing the autumn leaves of Central Park and the Eiffel Tower in the background. it's great once in a while to see places u can relate to. it's like saying, "Hey, I know this place" without sounding much like a snobby-ass yuppie. the Ipoh landmarks were clearly visible for those who were lucky enough to stay there. the makan stalls at TKK, the newly-developed Greentown area, the old shophouses near the pasar / Super Kinta area and of course, the old government quarters near the Polo ground. ipoh is such a romantic town. the classic feel to it is just perfect for a movie like this.
Sepet is in-your-face kinda movie. it doesn't try to hide the reality that most Malaysians don't wanna talk about. fact is, we're afraid of each other. we don't trust those who differ from us. and to see a special relationship come out of it is such a joy to watch. it doesn't have to be race, it's just fighting against public streotypes. and it brings us to the age-old saying that 'Love is blind'. is love blind? i dunno...but it doesn't take a pair of sepet eyes to see it.

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