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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Past tense

what is it about the past that makes us smile?
people are always saying how great things were when they were younger. i guess for some people the past can be painful at times, but for me...i'm nostalgic. honestly when i'm alone sometimes, i think about the past. the happy memories, because even though my life isn't that rosy, most of the times past have been great.
and i guess reminiscing about the past is like flipping thru the TV channels; u only remember about the things u want to remember. yeahhh...everyone has their ups and downs, but it's great when u think about how u used to do this and used to go somewhere.
this morning i had some things to settle around the Pudu area. i was really looking forward to it the day before because it's been quite a while since i walked from Central Market to the Puduraya area. this was once familiar territory once upon a time ago. i even had my breakie at Restoran Yusoff, one of the kedai mamak we used to frequent when coming back from Ipoh. the shop is just beside Central Market, and i was suprised to see that the shop has grown from one lot to 3 shoplots now. mannn..this guy was making business.
so as i had my roti canai and teh o suam there alone, i thought about how as kids we used to come here. and it struck me, why does it make me happy thinking about my school days? or anything in the past, for that matter. school wasn't really that great when i think about it. i was short and small and nothing like the person i am now. but yet, it was one of the greatest experiences that i had in my life. if i had an option to go thru it again, u betcha i'll do it. i'm even willing to pay for it.....
and other memories were great too. following my dad for his studies, going to Banting, and even my university days were full of happy memories. and so i thought...does anything in the past, no matter what occurred, makes me happy? i dunno. will i think about today when i'm older? will i say...wow...early in my career was great, masa belum kahwin dulu syok betul laaa or something like that? which is ironic isn't it? i used to hate school and exams and fuckin assignments and shit, but now...i'd do anything to go back.
so i guess everyday is a happy memory waiting to happen. so we bitch and curse and swear, but well...that's life isn't it? someday (i really hope so), i'll think about how great it was in 2005 and the wonderful memories it brought me. i'm starting to sound like a motivational guru, so i better stop here. it's just wishful thinking anyway, but heck...today is yesterday in the making, isn't it? here's to a better tomorrow...

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