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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Berani Jawab Laaa!!

u know those Friendster or email thingies where they ask a couple of questions and u answer each one regarding urself? it was kinda fun at first, but lately the questions seems to be repeating itself and were getting boring. i thought...hey..these aren't really the questions u want to know about someone. people want to know ur deep and dark secrets. so here's my version of questions that i'd like to know. these are the REAL questions that needs to be answered:
(Caution: Reader discretion is advised. May contain explicit and shameful material)

When was the last time you:

1. had sex?
Never had sex before. I'm a proud virgin.

2. thought about sex?
7 seconds ago. the research was true...hehe...

3. watched a porno flick?
2 days ago. and it was najwa ampang.

4. saw bare breasts in front of you?
hmmm...come to think of it...never ever seen a naked girl 'live'. gotta do something about that...

5. saw some guy's dick?
A couple of months ago in the sauna room at the gym.

5. masturbated?
hehhehehe...ishhhhh..malulah nak cakap (blushing). i would also like to add that Question number 3 has nothing to do with this answer...

6. got turned on by someone?
last Sunday to be exact

7. had a wet dream?
suprisingly....it's been quite a while. maybe a month or two ago.

8. wished you were a porn star?
last week while watching Wonderland

9. Would you make it as a porn star?
Nahhh...muka aku macam bebudak. Susah orang nak turn on nanti...ekeke..

10. Who's on top of your fantasy list?
Hmmm....hard to say. Cameron Diaz has this killer laugh i'd like to hear in my bedroom. Maybe Monica Bellucci lah kot...

11. Which part of the body turns you on?
Naturally...the 2 essential body parts, of course. But the neck is one amazing thing, too.

12. Favourite position?
Sixty-nine scores a hundred for me

13. Top or bottom?
That's why they call it Topman...

14. Fantasy spot for a quickie?
Airplane toilet. Definitely. Extra points if it's with the stewardess.

15. Why the hell did you answer all this?
I dunno. I was bored and had nothing worth blogging about.

16. Would you lose friends over this?
Probably. I hope not, though.

17. Who would you like to answer these questions?
Anyone yang muka tak malu like me.

so there u have it. 17 pretty fucked-up questions for a Tuesday afternoon. i rarely resort to sexual themes, but heyyy...we're all adults, rite? i know i'll regret this one day, but what the hell....i can always delete it. if i become PM one day, at least i have something to bring me down.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o