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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yahoo! They're 10!

i got a nice surprise this morning when i opened up Yahoo to check my email. goodness...Yahoo is 10 already?? wow...how time flies. it got me back to reminisce about the early days of the Internet (in Malaysia, that is).
Yahoo celebrating their 10th birthday is quite significant to me. i mean...to be honest, Yahoo was one of the first websites that i knew about (when i just learned what the hell a 'website' is). Yahoo has been my Home space ever since i was logged on, right before Google came along and wooed me. before the grand arrival of Google, Yahoo was THE search engine for me (i kinda recalled that Yahoo was powered by the Google engine some time back). it was easy, fast and the results seemed relevant. plus, they had other cool stuff too that i think even Google couldn't match. the online games, web-based email, mailing groups, greeting cards, u name it. Yahoo is the one-stop website for anything and everything.
they have this great 'netrospective' of the past 10 years on their website today. i remembered the first time i logged on to the Internet way back in '96. they had this IT promotional campaign hosted by the Perak Government at the Indoor Stadium in Ipoh. of course, being school kids, we were dragged along for the ride too.
at the fair, they lined up about 20-30 PCs for people to experience the wonderful world of the Internet. i remembered waiting quite a while to get a turn. masa tu jakun gile, site mana nak masuk pun tak tau. i remembered Amin showing me a few pointers (thanks, man). i remembered sites such as Yahoo, Netscape, Magellan (is this still around?) and Excite being among the first i visited. it's kinda funny when i think about it. the only thing u could use to get on the internet was Netscape Navigator and i recalled learning for the first time the usage of the Back, Forward, Stop and Reload buttons. hahaha...nowadays they seem so irrelevant. the Internet was like a whole new world opening up to you. everything was at your fingertips. mannn...it was like having sex for the first time (as if i know how that feels like).
the Internet have changed dramatically over the past few years. it's kinda cool too, to have been around to see its changes. the hypes and has-beens. for example...it gives me a good feeling that i've downloaded a song from Napster not once, but quite a few times u know....hahahhaha..bangga gile. u know...just being one of the 'in' crowd, when Napster was the symbol of youth anarchy at its best. and how times have changed when i see the new paid version of the same application.
but suprisingly, Yahoo remains the same lovable website that i first knew back then. actually, when they did a makeover of the Yahoo website last year, i was quite dissapointed coz i'm a sentimental freak. i hate when things i've grown accustomed to changes.
but u couldn't talk about the Internet without mentioning Yahoo. they made the net easier and fun. i'm proud to say that i've been a registered Yahoo user for 7 years now. my current Yahoo address is my second web-based e-mail account. my first e-mail address in the whole wide world is abukhairi@mailexcite.com. yepp....excite. being the 'konon anti-mainstrem' kid i was, i wasn't gonna go for hotmail. no way. but the account is disabled now, leaving my Yahoo account my longest serving e-mail address. i still have the 1st e-mail received there (other than the welcome note) which was a registration to vote for the Web awards or the Webbies way back in January 1998. they even sent me a pair of 3-D glasses afterwards for all my troubles. hehe...
it would be unimaginable to picture the world today without the Internet. there are so many sites and things to see. it's become so much a part of us that we hardly realize how much we depend on it. the Internet even offers me a sort of therapy in the form of this blog. what would i do without the Internet? and so on this day, i raise a toast to one of the landmarks that helped shape it. Happy birthday, Yahoo!

*check out the Yahoo page back in 1995. macam OPAC with colour....huhu

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