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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Woman on top?

i actually wanted to blog about something else today, but a quick look at my Inbox showed a new e-mail forwarded by Khairiah. and what i saw inside really disgusted me. a real slap on the face. what were these idiots thinking??
i'm talking about the issue raised recently about the 1st woman to be the Imam for both men and women in the US, if i'm not mistaken. the rumour was first heard a few weeks back by e-mail (what else?). i was aware of the situation, but when u see the pictures like the ones i saw today, it really got me going. apa nak jadi ni?? Nauzubillah...
i'm no expert on religion and don't claim to be one, too. but i know for a fact that no where does it say that women can lead the men in prayers. if there is a rule somewhere, please o please do show it to me.
Islam has always treated both men and women with upmost respect and honour. it's just some dumb idiots somewhere who believed in everything to be equal. what the hell does that mean? men and women are not the same, and therefore...of course they can't be equal. there are reasons why women and men are treated in a different manner. so some people question why women can't do this and that...but actually, Islam never limits one's ability. it's just the way you do it that has to be proper. count it as an honour that prayers and fasting are haram during menstruation period. it shows that Islam understands the needs of women and is something granted especially for them. equal rights konon...nak check air bateri pun tak reti....
i might anger some so-called feminists with this posting. the hell i care. if u want equality, go check on ur balls next time u go to the toilet. and try standing up too while u're at it.
religion is simple. it's people who makes it complicated. there are both advantages and if u want to think of it as 'disadvantages' of being a man or woman. but just be thankful that among the millions of dead sperms in the toilet, u just happen to make it. don't think of it as being a man or woman, think of it as being human. because from the way most of these people think, they're lucky they didn't come out as monkeys....

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