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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sucking too hard on a lollipop

I am busy.

Not with work, but wedding preparations. Work is okay. Boss not around so all of you know what's going on when that happens. Unless you're the Boss. To whom I say I am working on that paper right this minute.

A little update won't do any harm, no? I just had the itch to write, so here we go (itch to write? Wah! Macam penulis tersohor seperti Ahadiat Akashah)

I am:
1. Listening and loving 'Tears on my Guitar'. Chicks on six strings just blows me away.

2. Very busy with final preparations. I can't seem to finalize the guest list. It's driving me bonkers. I have to cross out names and I hate doing that. I want everyone that's been significant in my life to be there, be it a thousand people. Sadly, I am not Siti Nurhaliza :(

3. Contemplating to go and see Marie Digby in action. But she's performing in a shopping mall! That's sooo Ziana Zain? Nurul? (insert local female artiste here)? She deserves better. These people have no respect for YouTube superstars.

4. Going to go for a movie marathon after the wedding. The last thing I watched on the big screen was American Gangster? That was a decade ago!! I'm going for Indy on IMAX! Not even Harrison Ford's wrinkles on the big screen is gonna ruin it. Come on' Dr. Jones! *cue Indiana Jones theme song*

5. Happy when I listen to Mika. Have a go at the video here and tell me it doesn't make you tick. Oh, do mind the rabbits please.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o