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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Post-OBW Syndrome

How was my OBW?

It wasn't so bad. It wasn't so great either. Being the celebration of 50 years of STAR, this year's OBW was more ceremonial than usual. There was the Sultan, the parachutes, the hot Celcom chicks, the nice bag and the goodies inside.

And that was pretty much it.

But I'm not complaining much either. As tigerlaneboy puts it, "It’s as fantastic as you want it to be."
And I have to agree. I'm not sure what I was expecting from OBW 2007 in the first place. Which brings me to the thought, "What's my perfect OBW?"

I guess I just love to come back to relive the memories. Simply put, it's about meeting old friends, old teachers and visiting the places you were familiar with for 5 years. And that's pretty much it. Oh, maybe the STAR vs Old Boys' games should be included too. Throw in some Dewan Makan food. Perfect.

Some of the highlights I should mention was the kickass lineup of former teachers unveiled on stage during the Grand Dinner. I'm still young to appreciate past greats such as Pak Lau (Lau Hut Yee) and Tan Teong Leong but still managed to meet some of them in Mr. Mano (my biology teacher in Form 5 who likes to say, "B*toh hang! K*te hang!"), Cikgu Harmain (Form 1 warden a.k.a tauke tiket bas kalo ko nak balik kampung zaman form one yang tak reti nak explore Medan Kidd, this is da man!), Cikgu now retired Datuk Dawa (Form 3 & 4 headmaster), Puan Liew (I was soooo excited to see Puan Liew! Haven't seen her since she left in Form 4. My maths teacher during Form 4. She literally transformed my love for numbers. Nasib baik dia ajar aku Modern Math dari Form 4. Sejak Puan Liew mengajar saya, matematik moden menjadi subjek kacang buat saya hahaha macam iklan murah. Kalo nak cite pasal Puan Liew, 3 malam tak habis nantilah aku cite dalam Tales from Tiger Lane) and last but not least the ever loveable Pak Cheng who taught us Kemahiran Hidup from Form 1 to Form 3. Pak Cheng dulu pernah marah aku tak reti menukang time Form One. Nasib baik aku kecik time tu kalo tak aku dah tukul kepala dia balik hahaha. Pak Cheng ni juga aku ingat masa malam sebelum paper KH PMR '95 sebab malam tu dia datang dengan bau arak yang kuat. Aduhai Pak Cheng aku ni rupanya kaki tonggang jugak orangnya. Yam Seng!!)

Other notables include Ustad Mokhtar who will be retiring soon (he likes to have sentences such as "Kita mesti menjadi orang yang baaa...." and lets us finish it. Endings that cannot be printed here are usually said but not aloud of course), Puan Umaimah (dia tak ajar aku so takde story sangat) Miss Venny Lee (dia keluar dari STAR sebelum aku masuk. Dia ni dulu (dan kini juga) agak hot dan aku kenal dia pun sebab nama dia selalu diconteng di dinding jamban-jamban STAR. Venny ni aku dengar adalah mak Canny Ong so I can guess where she gets her looks from) Most notable should also be Cikgu Aiza yang aku tak jumpa kat Ipoh aritu tapi nampak gambar dia dalam website old boys. Darnit! She looks to have gained a few(I'm being kind here) pounds and was a far cry from the Cik Aiza I once had a crush on. She was my English teacher in Form 2 and 3 so ko ingat aku belaja English betul-betul sebab apa?? Ahhh...I was never her teacher's pet anyway :(

Other than that, there was the annual traditional rugby game between the old boys and STAR. I guess I came for the event and the people there. It was really great to see past seniors, juniors, betik, jambu and the whole lot. I hope when my batch comes to take responsibility for organising OBW in the year 2017, I'll remember these small details on what OBW should really be. It's a big responsibility and I offer my congratulations to the organising committee for a good job. I have some photos here so enjoy them. Happy 50th STAR. You'll always be in my heart.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o