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Friday, October 12, 2007

Ramadhan Retrospect

Today marks the last day of Ramadhan.

So ends another year of the holy month hoping we'll be around to greet her again. InsyaAllah. Ramadhan this year has been a trial of sorts. A lot of things happened this year, whether personally or around the world. This month has seen me making the journey to Nilai almost a daily routine. Time really flies. And I hardly prepared anything for Aidilfitri. Compared to previous years, this year's celebration will probably be a toned-down affair. When I pondered upon that, maybe this is the way it should be. Or maybe not. But it's really sad to leave the holy month.

Last weekend was spent with the Tiger Lane boys. It's been awhile since we had a proper reunion, so it was really great to see some faces I haven't seen since I left school. Saturday was Fiza's birthday so it was back-to-back buka puasa celebrations. Happy 26th darling.

The highlight of the budak Star buka puasa reunion was certainly on Wira. You might have read about my friend here last week when he was mistakenly photographed as one of the suspects released in the Nurin Jazlin murder. It was great to get to talk to him about that issue and other matters. I was hell bent on him suing the papers which published his photo, but I was surprised to hear him say that it would just complicate matters and getting him more attention than it already is. This, coming from an ABIM secretary with a political root in his varsity days was certainly a shock to my system. I guess that's the reality here in Malaysia. In the end, people just want to live a normal life. Fighting the system seems to be a lost cause when you know how they'll beat you up and hack you down till you can't get up anymore. I can see he has lost some of his fire. That's kuasa Gomen 101 for you.

A few days ago Malaysia sent its first man into outer space hoping this will signal the beginning of our space age. Congratulations to Dr. Sheikh (Datuk Sheikh?). Myself, being a normal Malaysian who will try to get something from all this, is proud of him being part of the Rasah clan. Banggo kek warih kito ni! And to further enhance my Malaysian-ness, I will also try to associate myself with the second astronaut, Dr. Faiz by virtue of him being a budak Banting class of '98. (albeit he was a Hayat student and I was in Fizikal but hey, we shared the same block!) I was really rooting for Faiz throughout this 'space race' but I guess Dr. Sheikh got more of the ladies' votes instead. This 'space race' reminded me of the selection process in Contact, where I was hoping the final two candidates would be grilled by the selection committee in public where someone would ask a soalan maut like, "Do you believe in God?" to a speechless Jodie Foster. Knowing this country, someone would probably ask a 'safe question' like semangat muhibbah or something from the Pendidikan Moral textbook. So much for my imagination.

One thing I noticed about our Malaysian journey into space, is that it really got the nation talking. During lunch break yesterday, I was having a chit chat with the drivers and tracer and of course, Dr. Sheikh's blast-off was discussed. Here I was sitting over a game of carrom and terms such as orbit and mission control were used. Even Yuri Gagarin's name popped up once in a while. I was really impressed and it showed to me how one man's mission could really make others take notice and learn from it. As much as things are said about our angkasa-pelancong, this could be the spark for many more things to come. I really do hope so.

This year's Ramadhan really taught me a lot about my family and life, in general. I hope you had a great Ramadhan. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin wherever you are in the world or in outer space. Wassalam.

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