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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Liga Sukan Komuniti

It was an eventful weekend not for myself alone but millions and millions of sports fans worldwide. Certainly the highlight of it all was my own personal event, but hey that didn't stop me from catching up with what turned out to be a remarkable 2 days.

If it all can be summed up in one word, it would be: comeback. Except for England that is, which went through a really, really tough week. Engerlund never really looked like winning the Rugby World Cup, especially when good 'ol Jonny boy missed 2 drop kick attempts. Congratulations to the Springboks and the Pumas for such an entertaining tournament. Oh yeah, not to mention Fiji as well.

Possibly the winner of the comeback award goes to Iceman Kimi Raikkonen for winning the Formula One title when he was an outsider going into the final weekend. Luck played its part too when rookie of the year Hamilton got 'em gear problems with them car. Welcome to Formula One boy, when machines let you down at the time you need it the most. But wasn't it a great year for Formula One. With the McLaren boys quarrelling, the spying scandal, the 3-way race to the title, nail-biting finish at the end, it seemed more like a daytime soap rather than cars racing each other.

Next comeback award goes to....the Boston Red Sox. Call me boring for watching baseball, but sometimes layan jugak tengok orang pukul bola kecik ni. There's something magical when teams go 3-0 down only to win the remaining 4 matches straight to win the Series 3-4. And we haven't reached the World Series yet. It's also interesting to note that they did the same thing in 2004 on their way to win the World Series back then. For me, the Boston Red Sox are sorta like the Newcastle United of American baseball. They have emotional supporters who are crazy about the game and haven't won the title since 1918 prior to 2004. Now that's a blooody hell of a long time. The New York Yankees are like the Man United of baseball and beating them 4-3 to go into the World Series was a Sox fan wet dream. Fenway Park also is a famous landmark for baseball fans and I hope to visit it one day rather than going to Yankee Stadium. Add that one to my already huge list of sports venues to visit.

Finally, congratulations to David Nalbandian who beat World No.1 Roger Federer at the Madrid Masters. And even though he lost the opening set 1-6, he went on to crush the Swiss Miss in the remaining two sets to win the tournament. Not quite impressive? Well, he also beat the World No. 2 and 3 last week enroute to the final. Bapak terrer budak ni.

So after a great weekend of sports, hope you had a great one as well. I wouldn't want to be an England supporter this week, but heck our boys lost to Bahrain 1-4 as well. And the great thing is that I just can laugh about it too. Ahhhh...the joys of being a Malaysian football fan. You don't hope for much, do you?

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