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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hari Raya was...

very tiring.

We didn't get to go to a lot of houses, but instead the lot of houses came to us! How convenient is that? It was in good spirit though. Due to Papa's condition, we had more than our usual group of Hari Raya guests. Though tiring, I love guests to the house. If you ever want to see me in rajin mode, make a visit to my house and who knows? Maybe I'll whip you up some of my world-famous teh O or laici campur air berkarbonat.

This year marked a couple of firsts for me. I went to my first takbir raya sessions this year. This is the annual tradition of visiting the neighbourhood houses on the eve of Syawal to recite the takbir. Papa was the one who would usually go, but since he wasn't well enough this year, you-know-who had to be called into action. In a small but meaningful way, I felt honoured to represent the family for these sessions. I almost smiled when the imam said, "Haji Bakhtiar? Haaa...ada ni haa wakilnya." Somehow at the ripe old age of 27, I finally felt grown up.

Another first was Hari Raya spent with my 7-month old niece. Although everyone says it and I know Chi will hate me for this but I'll say it anyway: My niece is the cutest baby on the planet! The entire universe actually coz she's wayyyy cuter than that Sheikh dude up there. Those with toddlers around the house will probably be familiar with the Playhouse Disney channel. It's just been a couple of days and I already know who Handy Manny, Pocoyo, Pato and the Little Einteins are. One thing I noticed is that these programs are so educational in a fun way. Kids nowadays are so lucky. I grew up on Sesame Street and look at where I am: Boleh lah carik makan dan tak merempit. Give me Playhouse Disney back then and I would probably be on the moon by now.

The family now has loads of little children. All my cousins who are around my age are breeding successfully. Alhamdulillah. So Hari Raya open houses for the Rasah clan looks more like a daytime nursery rather than a house. God-willing for me, this Hari Raya of firsts, will probably be the last spent as a bujang trang tang tang (what the F is trang tang tang?) I pray everything goes smoothly for these coming months.

On another note, I found this piece on the web. I don't have the paper clipping, but it's a fitting tribute to the men and women of NCI Hospital for their work and care. And oh, Papa got a mention too :-)

Hope you had a great Aidilfitri.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o