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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

From Taiping With Love

My mates and I did a Little Miss Sunshine over the weekend, without the Miss Sunshine. It was a road trip to the north. Taiping, to be exact. And since Ipoh is on the way, you would be dead wrong to think a bunch of us budak star won't be stopping over.

There was the six of us. And unlike the movie, we weren't cramped inside a VW van, but a very comfortable MPV in the shape of an Innova. Have I mentioned how I love road trips? Well, I'll mention it again. I love road trips. Especially ones where you're allowed to be yourself way back in '97.

It was a road trip to Shapeng's wedding, also a fellow comrade in Ipoh. Lorong Saw Ah Choy, Taiping. This name has been stuck in my head since 1993 but who would imagine me being there after 14 odd years. When you're a bunch of crazy single guys cramped inside a vehicle for more than 2 hours, you can bet there's lots of things to talk about. You know, the usual stuff; politics, religion, world poverty. The usual :P

I could go on and on regarding the past memories of Ipoh. After 10 years, a lot has changed. Familiar sights are no longer there. New ones have emmerged for the present generation to savour because one day, they too will come by and ponder like we did.

On a hot Saturday afternoon in Ipoh, we were boys again. When we passed by RPS (Raja Perempuan School), someone quipped, "Eh, ko dulu ada awek RPS kan?"

"Yang ko dulu curik beca tu buat apa?"
"BSN kat TC dah tutup. Aku nak pegi Ipoh Garden."

"Jube (Jubilee Park). Berapa banyak duit aku habis kat tempat ni main game."

"Zeenath dah bankrap ke? Agaknya ramai sangat budak ranjun barang dia."

"Taman DR ni tasik dia berbau sial. Ko pegi tak masa Form 3 dulu karnival sukan air?"

Songs from The Wallflowers, Verve Pipe, Silverchair, Bush, The Offspring starts playing in my head. Oh, let's not forget Father Cobain. Heh, I could come up with a soundtrack for this in a zip.

Memories of a bygone era. And for one day that day, in a packed Innova van, we weren't officers, programmers, or engineers. We were the boys we were. Laughing. Cursing. Remembering. How you and you did this and that. Reality hits home when we reached KL. It's back to the real world.

For the upcoming OBW, I know I have to be on that Innova.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o