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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

F9 for Utusan

I have to say that Utusan's 'exclusive' coverage of that girl from Batu Pahat getting 19 1As before the SPM results came out was a bit rash. Too rash for a leading newspaper in the country.

I'm no journalist, but I do know in journalism you always check and double-check your facts. Unless you write for Mastika that is.

Which when you think about it, comes as no surprise since they come from the same publication. You could say I feel a bit outraged. Why? Because imagine yourself being that kid and someone told you that you got 19 1As only to be 'disappointed' when you got 'only' 14 1As. 14 1As in no mean feat but just because some asswipe got too excited, it certainly takes the shine out of her achievement.

If I were the father, I'd sue the bloody idiot for giving false information. I love how Utusan tried to cover its shit today. Quote the always attention-hungry friendly neighbourhood wakil rakyat,

"...Ayub Jamil, ketika menghubungi berkata, walaupun tidak berjaya meraih 19A, kejayaan Nadiah Amirah tetap sangat membanggakan masyarakat di kawasan itu.

Lagi pula katanya, pihaknya difahamkan Nadiah Amirah hanya kurang 1 markah untuk memperoleh keputusan A2 dalam mata pelajaran EST."

Kurang satu markah? What kinda bullshit is that? I guess that's the best line he could give after cancelling the kenduri, banners and such he'd already planned out to further cement his wakil-rakyat-ness.

At least the news of this matter got to the Minister himself. I would love for action to be taken against those responsible for this. It may seem like a small matter to you, but try asking Nadiah and her family if it's a small matter. At 18, I don't think she asked for the attention and all the media circus.
Because in this country, that's all it is.
One big f***ing circus.

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