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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baby blues

I'm a recently turned uncle.

Even though I'm the last in the family, I am officially Pak Ngah with respect to my late brother who passed away when he was little. I didn't realise this until Mama introduced me to my little niece as Pak Ngah. And I thought it was only fitting to do so.
I am so gonna write Siti Nurhaliza songs after this.

Anyways, my mother was in Perlis for 2+ weeks when my sister delivered. They just came back this week. Which meant that me and Papa was left as orang bujang in the house for that period. It was kinda fun living with him, the two of us. You can bet there was some father-son male bonding going on but in all honesty, I wasn't around much in the house. But I did learn a few things about my father, namely the fact that he can cook up a mean nasi goreng. Either that or I was damn hungry but really I enjoyed his cooking.

It surprised me how he can be so dependent on Mama when she's around, and yet become so independent when she's away. So independent to the fact that he does my laundry and prepared my breakfast before I run off to work. Even Mama sometimes doesn't do my laundry unless there's a pile of clothes reaching the ceiling in my room. God, I am so pampered.

So with a baby and a sarong-clad woman around the house, you can bet that the house has been lively. Nothing like the sound of a baby crying to start your day :)

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o