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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tigers and Lions

As usual, was disappointed with Malaysia's performance against Singapore last night. After having controlled much of the game, lack of finishing and composure in front of goal robbed us of a win against the old enemy.
Ah, phooey. Sometimes I wonder, why do we even bother? It's like we should have known the outcome beforehand. Ye lah bolasepak Malaysia. How low can you go?
Watched the 1 o'clock news during lunch break just now. They talked about the crowd at the Shah Alam Stadium, which came to around 40,000 last night. It was seen as a sign of the comeback of the glory days when Stadium Merdeka was packed to the brim during those epic Pestabola Merdeka days. They said it was a sign that the crowd still backs the national team in spite of the recent results.
My question is, when did the crowd ever went away? Malaysian football fans are a loyal bunch despite what is heard at the stadiums. Yes, we curse them. Yes, we jeer them. And yes, we're still behind them. We never went away. Not when Indonesia thrashed us 4-1 at Bukit Jalil. Not when Philippines beat us for a huge upset way back in '91. Not when we crumbled at the last minute for Thailand to beat us for the gold at the KL 2003 Sea Games. We've been through thick and thin. The bribery scandal. The disco (five or four?) that partied during a major tournament. The endless change of coaches. We've been through it all.
What we all have in the national team is just one: Hope. Hope that this is finally it. The comeback of the glory days. The return of the Harimau Malaya. That's why everytime they put on the new Nike tiger kit, they should think about the fans. The thousands that brave the rain on the Federal Highway. The families that come kids and all. The mat dispatch that shells out 10 bucks of his small salary to be there. Think about it.
For all it's worth, it's still our team. Our own lads. I wouldn't trade the tiger for the Three Lions anyday. Yellow for the gold of Brazil.
Because I still have hope. One day.
How dare you say the fans went away. We never went away. And never will. If it's one thing that went away, it's the glory days Malaysian football.

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