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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where have all the harimau gone?

The Asian Games is on.

And you know how I love multi-sports events. Especially when it involves Malaysia. But really, outside of Southeast Asia we're just wishing for miracles.

Especially when we have performances like these two monkeys on bikes.

Sure, every Games has its fair share of heroes like Esther Cheah, who delivered our first gold in Doha and Quzandria Nur who rode on despite having an injury to deliver an unexpected silver in the dressage competition.

But when the going gets tough, that's when you get going. And badminton really dissapointed me with the team loss to Korea in the semis. Even Rexy Mainaky, the old enemy turned national coach was dissapointed. So much so that he wanted to resign.

How shameful is that if an outsider can be so dissapointed by our own people's performance. Rexy can easily pocket his fat paycheck and join the countless of other officials in saying, "We had no luck." , "They were the better team." and other lame-ass sorry excuses.

Fact is, I'm tired of all this bullshit. Football, in particular always gives the excuse that the team is still young and developing. Yeah? I heard the same thing too in 1997 when the Youth World Cup was held here. Nine years later, I'm still waiting for that team to develop.

But it's not football and badminton alone. Other sports are guilty as well.
It's so easy to give reasons and excuses for failure. They say the Malaysian public and Press are too demanding. Hell yeah I would be demanding when we spent gajillions of ringgit to train your fat asses.

The Doha Games still has a few days to go. There's still time to improve. I'm hoping at least we'll achieve the 9 gold target given to them. Because trust me, seeing Malaysia in action is always a heartache.

Tonight's the sepak takraw team final. And you can bet that I'll be glued with Hasbullah to hear his crap wisdom. Good luck to Malaysia in Doha. Don't come back if there ain't nine bling blings.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o