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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

CM Revisited

I installed Football Manager 2006 on my PC yesterday. It's the successor in the great tradition of Championship Manager games. I don't know why, but yesterday I just had this huge urge to go back into football managment (after retiring from CM since 2003). Maybe it's because of Glenn Roeder. Maybe because Malaysia lost to Vietnam 2-1. I don't know.
CM for me, is the most addictive game in the world ever. It's every football fanatics' wet dream. How many times have you thought, "Hey, I can do better than this bloke." or "If I was in charge of (insert favourite football team here), I would (insert whatevadahell you want to do)" It's so bloody addictive I just can't comprehend it to those who don't understand.
You just can't help but always wanting to press that 'Continue' button. And just when you feel like stopping, your team goes into this great form and your strikers are firing on all cylinders. This is football crazy, literally.
CM always brings back memories of my student days. Even though I won't blame it for my grades, I'd be lying if I said it didn't affect it in some way. The staying up till early dawn even though you have class at 8. The sleepless nights struggling to make Manchester City a Premiership contender (yes, Man City). The long and winding road up the football divisions with Leyton Orient (Leyton what??). Managing the unstoppable Barcelona side (pre-Ronaldinho days) that won 3 Champions League titles in a row.
Sigh. I miss the good 'ol days. It was an addiction but it was great fun. With Football Manager 2006 on my hard drive, those days don't seem so far away.

I know I'm making a big mistake.

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