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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Muat Turun

I'm a recently turned downloadaholic.
Which means I try to download everything under the sun.

Hmmm...I like this software. Download
I wanna read the original V for Vendetta graphic novel. Download.
I haven't watched that movie. Download.
I wonder how Paris Hilton.....nevermind.

By the way things are going, I'm Big Corporation's worse nightmare. But then, there's millions of people like me doing it as I'm typing this.
I just realised how powerful the Internet is today. This is the closest we've come to on-demand products since they invented pizza deliveries. Everything is at a click of a mouse. Remember that I was asking if anyone had a copy of Clerks a few weeks ago? Scrape that. It's downloading on my hard drive as we speak.
And I think I could apply to be a contributor for TV Guide this fall (macam lah aku kat US). I'm sampling a few brand new series, like Ugly Betty (which is an American version of Yo soy Betty la fea which I wasn't a big fan of) and my current favourite, Heroes. Okay okay I admit. I'm hooked on Heroes. The third episode is waiting for me at home, which explains my anxiety this afternoon. I guess I have this thing for people who want to save the world :P
Tonight's the pilot for 30 Rock in the States. And you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be in my hard drive by the end of the week. And since I have the time, why not try John Lithgow's new sitcom Twenty Good Years too?
And I thought Americans had all the fun on cable TV. With the Internet, I get all the network shows right here in good 'ol Seremban.
I really need a support group for this. Downloadaholic Anonymous anyone?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o