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Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday to Sunday

Friday Night Lights certainly ranks up there alongside Any Given Sunday on my list of greatest sports films ever.
I love how the film portrays the winning obsession and culture in smalltown America. Which is the reality in sports today. You win, or you're just another footnote in history. Take note, FAM.
It's a far cry from the feel-good 'bunch of losers form a team that eventually prevails over the cocky favourites' as seen in Disney classics such as Mighty Ducks and Remember the Titans. I'm tired of the underdogs winning, because real life isn't that way.
I should know. I'm a Geordie.

See how good these people at Hollywood are? It's no coincidence that both films are about American football. I have yet to see a good footy film. Last year's Goal! wasn't much of a shout anyway. Green Street Hooligans was good, but it focused more on football fanatics rather than the game itself. Bend It Like Becks was a different topic altogether.
Thing is, it's how the story is told that makes it great. You could give them a takraw movie and they can turn it into some masterpiece. Whatever it is, sport is about passion and perseverance. If they can translate that onto the big screen, you have a great film on your hands.
Which struck me, I should make a badminton movie. The Sidek boys of course. Rosyam Nor as Misbun. Konpem!

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