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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Clash

In this day and age where the clash of civilizations have never been stronger since the Crusades, the Pope had to go out and speak on Jihad. I won't say he criticized it. That's for you to intrepret yourself here.
All I'm saying is, that he's threading on sensitive issues here. With the Middle East in ruins and fear of all things Arab in the West, add to that this week was the 5th Anniversary of 9/11 and I can confidently say, you're inviting trouble here. Being the head of the Christian faith, he should have known better than saying the things he did. You might say, "Hang on a minute, what is he really up to?" And why shouldn't we be sceptical? After all the abuse and hatred generated by Mr. Bin's work in New York, are we Muslims at fault for being so defensive?
People say don't play with fire. I think the Pope just lit up a match.

On another issue, Scomi informs us that they get only small contracts from the Government. I especially like the part where it says, "Menurut Shah Hakim, untuk setengah tahun 2006, nilai kontrak yang diperoleh syarikat itu daripada agensi kerajaan dan GLC (tidak termasuk Petronas) adalah antara RM5,250 dan RM685,000 setiap kontrak."
What's with the 'tidak termasuk Petronas'? I didn't know Petronas wasn't a GLC. I haven't been reading The Edge, I guess. So hurrah for Scomi! I knew you guys were really good.

And finally, I got tix to the Final! Hoben Jang Hoben!!

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