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Monday, August 14, 2006

Varsity Blues

Went to a makan-makan function with the newly-grads of UM last weekend. It's been like an annual event for ex-Collegians (not to be confused with Koleq) to have a small graduation party for friends and old farts like me. It's hosted by the graduation class of that year, so I usually drop by for the free sate and rekindling with old friends (not to mention crushes...hehe)
This year it kinda struck me that these people were in their First Year when I was doing my Final. Goodness, that long already? This will probably be the last year I'm attending coz next year there won't be anyone I know.
Time does fly when you're occupied with life. Tup tup it's been 3 years of my working career. Did I imagine myself to be in this position 3 years ago? Heck not. Regrets? Not a single drop.
I've noticed that I'm more appreciative of the things that I have in life. Things doesn't seem to be so complicated as it was, say...even a year ago. Finally I could say, I have a goal in life to achieve. I'm just starting out on the roadmap.
But in planning for the future, I always like to think of the past. The past never really left me. It doesn't drag me. It just sits on my shoulder to be looked upon when I need to. And I like it that way. Because on occasions like the above, it made me realised what kind of person I used to be. Who my friends were. At a time when 'Who I am' is not defined by the car that I drive or the size of my paycheck. Not that I've changed much. But in some ways, I have changed.
The absence of a few friends that night made me realise all this. What happened to us? Why are we seeing ourselves in a different light? I guess people move on. People change. Memories? Well, they're always the same, aren't they?

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