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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I want my MTV

Remember Empire Records?

I loved the movie more on its portrayal of the so-called 'Gen-X' generation more than anything else. Plus it had Liv Tyler in it. So it can't be wrong.
I like to think of myself as part of that generation. Youthful energy. Teenage angst. Rebel against all things older than your sister. Images of Airwalks and baggy t-shirts come to mind. And most importantly, attitude. Yeah, you gotta have attitude. It's us against them. We were young. We were the next big thing. Some call it the MTV Generation.

Then one day something happened.

We grew up. We had day jobs. And all those crazy ideas about growing up to be Kurt Cobain went down the drain along with his brain. (Hey, that rhymes!)
Along the way, lessons were learned. Our idols were mere mortals. Some even worse than that. We learned that Michael Jackson is a freak of nature despite his cool videos. We learned that Vanilla Ice wouldn't be sitting on our CD shelf if he didn't have a white ass. We learned that those dudes from Milli Vanilli were jumping around on stage without uttering a single word. We lived. And we learned.

But the only surviving icon of that generation still plays on. And it shows no sign of stopping. Or even ageing. It doesn't even want to admit its age!

MTV turned 25 last week.

And with that, the flag bearer of popular culture, the reason some parents blame as bringing the devil into the home, the medium in which young minds are poisoned, the proud home to some of the most groundbreaking (if not controversial) shows on television turns a quarter of a century.

Happy birthday MTV. Let pop culture flow into our homes!

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