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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Do the right thing

At a time when the world celebrated Italy's win in Berlin 2 weeks ago, Malaysians snapped back into reality when FIFA announced the latest world rankings. At a pathetic number 146 in the world, the once-proud Harimau Malaya is swimming amongst nations such as Bangladesh and Antiqua and Barbuda?? Oh FYI, they're one place above us and I swear I don't even know where that is.
Time and time again (ala Andy Gray) we're fed with countless excuses and criticism coming from all sides. But the one that caused an uproar this week was from Kalabakan MP Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh who called for the people at FAM to 'resign in dignity' after the latest FIFA rankings were revealed. He even went further by suggesting that its management (FAM) be taken over by the people of MyTeam. Shebby Singh as FAM president? That's gonna take a bit of getting used to. Who's gonna feed me crap during the half-time analysis?
Jokes aside, I think Datuk Ghapur was voicing out the opinions of thousands of Malaysian people (I didn't say fans because do we honestly have one?), including yours truly here. Yes, FAM should be revamped. Didn't they learn anything from the PWC audit a few years back? Or did the people at PWC deemed them hopeless and so nothing can be done except for us to pray for a miracle? And if it's something that we need, it sure is devine intervention.
There's even talk of bringing in outside help (read: naturalised citizens) to help boost our team. Why shouldn't we? Singapore is giving away passports like free sampels at the pasar malam. Japan did it too. Maybe it's time we look for an Ahmad Ronaldo or an Ali Ribery. We did the same thing during the Commonwealth Games, why shouldn't it apply for football as well? I'm not saying we should have a team full of outside players, but if bringing in an outsider can give an edge to the team, why not? I'm all out here for improvement. Things should be done to help improve the game, not just a short-term solution for the World Cup Finals to be hosted in Malaysia (which right now, seems to be the only way we're gonna qualify).
And as much as I love MyTeam, I don't agree with Datuk's suggestion for FAM to be run by them. Get this in your head lah Malaysian people, MyTeam is a TV show. Teevee. You get me? Running a national organisation and a TV programme are two different things altogether. MyTeam had its run. So be it. Don't pray for lightning to strike twice.
I've been yapping about on Malaysian football for a good two years now. And that's on the web alone. If you count in the kedai kopi talk and the yelling and screaming at the stadium, then it'll be countless of years.
I say enough is enough. I'm tired of staying up late to give support to a country I've never been to. I'm through with cheering some Mat Salleh who probably can't pronounce my name right. Who doesn't dream of a World Cup where your country is one of the finalists?
Malaysian football needs to get back on its feet. And fast. That's why a whole new system must be in place. New ideas, fresh approaches. Only dumb, ignorant people can't see that part of the problem of our football team lies within the management of the sport. Of course, FAM is not at fault for everything, but since management plays a big part in the modern game they should be brave and honourable enough to do the right thing.
And that is to resign.

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