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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hanya Semalam

I saw the movie 'Only Yesterday' errr...yesterday. Okayy, it wasn't exactly a movie, it was an anime directed by Isao Takahata, the same man that brought you Grave of the Fireflies. Never heard of Grave of the Fireflies? Mann..you should check it out. One of the most depressing movie if not the most depressing ever. And it's an animated movie too. I almost cried watching it. Tak caya tanya Kuman. Disney, you say? Huh. That's for sissies.
Anyway, I never heard of Only Yesterday when I bought it at the friendly neighborhood DVD peddler. I only bought it because it was from Studio Ghibli, the makers of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. I really appreciate Japanese animation. They're so detailed and can be so brutally honest, they'd put Pixar to shame.
I was surprised to learn that the movie was made in 1991. I thought it was a new film, from the way the Apek hung it on the wall of his shop. It's a delightful piece about a girl who reminiscence about her past as she spent her holiday in the Japanese countryside. She's the typical 27-year old Tokyo career woman: Independent and at ease with her single status. And yet, her innocent past comes back to her as she remembered the days of growing up in Tokyo and how wonderful it was as a kid and the lessons she learned along the way.
I'm a sucker for self-discovery movies. Because in life, I love to think about the good 'ol days. It was simpler back then and I love how the movie depicts the growing up dilemma of having your first crush and even (for girls) the first menstrual period. I couldn't really imagine Disney depicting a girl's first period and the way it was told, seemed so funny and innocent. Just like it was back then, when you didn't have to be politically correct to talk about a woman's cycle.
Even though the story was told through a woman's eyes, I think anyone can relate to the joy and sorrow of growing up and how the past help shape us the way we are today. Only Yesterday is a great feature and makes you realize, it's not so complex out here in this world. It was simpler then, why shouldn't it be simple now? I really loved the ending, because unlike other fairy tales, happily ever after doesn't just mean walking away with the girl by your side. Sometimes, it takes a kid to realize that.

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