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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Everyday should be a holiday


Holidays are nice, aren't they? The week-long CNY holiday was the perfect outlet for me to unwind after a few weeks of hectic misadventures. It's been a few weeks of sorts, with a jumble of activities draining me both physically, and mentally. The holidays couldn't have come sooner.
Let me just sum up a glimpse of what I've been thru this past month. It started out with a two-day team building thingamajig in Bukit Cherakah. This 'escapade' just made me realize I am no more the kid who loved the outdoors once upon a time ago. Camping sucks, man. I don't know how you nature-lover people could survive in there. Everything is damp and smelly and I now know that the ground isn't made of Slumberland material.
We also had classes, which wasn't that bad if you had classes ONLY. But throw in a little weekend getaway hiking up some gunung in Kuala Pilah, plus organizing a little holiday makan-makan, plus the routine daily rituals we had to oblige to, and you get one messed-up head like mine; which is only thinking what the hell am I supposed to do next??
But in a way, it's a learning experience for me. It's something different, most definitely. And the physical activities certainly have benefited me. I feel so sihat. I'm fit as a fiddle. Let me rephrase that, I'm fitter than a fiddle.
And why not? Between the weekly morning and afternoon jog, we have some football in there, some hiking too and oh...not to mention swimming. We just had our first swimming class last week. I so look forward to swimming class. Being somone who'll sink inside a pool faster than you can say 'Help!', I hope by the end of this six months I'll be challenging Ian Thorpe for medals. Heh.
One thing I've noticed is that I've never felt home so warm and comfy. For the first time in a long, long time, I was really looking forward to come home and laze it out through the holidays. Usually by the 3rd day, I'd be itching to go out. Usually to KL. But now I'd rather be home, watching my pile of unwatched DVDs, or reading the newspaper or one of EE's books in bed, or rather, even blogging. I know for certain I haven't done that in a little while.
So maybe this holiday season, I'm playing catch-up. Is life moving faster than me? Probably that's one of the things they never tell you about being 26. Life certainly whizzes by.

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