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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ya, YB.

I had my first visit to the State Assembly yesterday. It's not exactly the Parliament, but it's still a bunch of politicians sitting under one roof talking bull. Did I say bull? I meant important matters.
On the whole, it was quite a sleepy affair. Being an afternoon session, I wonder if the lunchtime masak lemak had anything to do with my drowsiness. But it certainly had its moments, that I tell ya.
I was lucky enough to witness a name-calling duel between two well-respected State Assemblyman. Of course, they were from the Opposition and Gomen lah. What do you expect? And the name-calling here is short of the 'nenenenene!' type. It was just like kids except they were wearing nice suits and had Proton Perdanas waiting for them outside.
It's so easy to pick out the Opposition in the Dewan. It took me only a few minutes to figure out who the 'bad guys' were. And they didn't even have to identify themselves. They might as well be wearing prison clothes for the cold treatment they were getting from everyone else.
I guess politicians need to be good speakers as well. It's really important in getting the attention of the Dewan and also helps on a sleepy afternoon such as this. But don't just talk and no action. Ehhh...what am I saying here. Politicians are supposed to be like that. I forgot.
A few speakers certainly got my attention that afternoon, especially this particular veteran YB. He was funny as hell and I know the people of his constituency certainly loves him. It was like watching the Parliament sessions on TV. Laughter and all. Note to all budding politicians: You better be quirky so people like me pay attention!
It may be nothing like the Parliament in terms of size and stature, but the State Assembly certainly has its moments. I will be looking forward to my visit there, even though I was only there because the Boss couldn't make it. I may be a stand-in, but heck I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. Politics? Boring?? Visit your local Dewan Persidangan.

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