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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Rock bukan Stone

Don't laugh, but I went to see Mamat Khalid's 'Rock' the other day. And with that, it brings my total of watching Malay movies at the cinema to four. So much for being patriotic, huh?
I usually don't bother because:
One. It'll be playing on Astro Ria next Hari Raya
Two. I'm not a big fan of local movies
And three, it's a filem Melayu, damnit! Berat gile nak kuarkan sepuloinggit

Okay, okay, before any one of you pejuang filem kebangsaan starts sending me hate mail, I have nothing against local movies really. I really enjoyed some of 'em. Honest.
It's just that watching it at the cinema feels a bit...errr...awkward?
But enough about me and my local movie antics, I just wanna say I kinda enjoyed 'Rock'. Mamat Khalid of 'Rombongan Makcik Kiah ke Sukan Komanwel' fame, had a good idea and concept for the movie. It was a tribute to the sham glam rock era of the 80's, something which is close to my heart. It may not be Detroit Rock City or Almost Famous, but it had its moments.
That's what I find quite disappointing in local movies. They have the idea but when it comes to the final and end-product, it becomes nothing more than a whimper. Sad to say, 'Rock' too is guilty of that.
At first, you find the humour quite funny and acceptable but after awhile, it becomes this non-stop abuse of slapstick so-called humour. Come on laaa...if it's one thing I hope they learn is to never, ever prolong a certain slapstick joke. When it drags along, it becomes irritating and what started out as a good joke becomes this 'Cilaka, haram tak lawak' moment.
In a cinema filled with Mat Rempits and your typical Senario audience, they could have been forgiven for that. But please don't try to humiliate the audience (read: myself) with this kinda crap. I'm trying my best to sit through a local movie here, alright?
But 'Rock' may not be your typical Prof Madya movie. The humour sometimes surprised me and it was nice to see that. And with a soundtrack of killer rock kangkang ballads playing throughout the film, I forgave them for my two hours at the cinema. Cameos by rock legends such as Amy and Man Kidal were also nice and justified the film's tribute to the era.
As a whole, 'Rock' didn't do much harm in terms of viewing pleasure. It wasn't that great, but it's nice to see an effort to visualize the Mat Rock era of the 80's from the smelly, egg carton filled walls of the jamming studio to the crowded Dewan Cina which many became a home to the afternoon gig sessions. With this effort, I would also like to see someone do something familiar with the underground movement of the 90's. The more real it is, the better, because we certainly have our own legends in that arena.
Final say: Just wait for it to come out on TV next Hari Raya. And while you're waiting, you can take out those old jeans koyak and hi-cut sneakers from the closet. Wa caya lu brader!! *intro to Taman Rashidah Utama plays in the background*

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