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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Honeymooners

And so my sister got married on Saturday. Just for the record, it was on the 10th of December 2005. A nice day. No rain. Not too much sunshine. Good day for a wedding.
I'm still coming to terms with having a new member of the family. I don't even know what to call my brother-in-law. Abang? Biggie bro? Dude?? It's kinda funny really to have someone unfamiliar in the household. Good thing I have a sister. If I had a brother, and a new girl walks into the family, she might be in for a scare on how I look in the morning, pre-gosok gigi period. But since he's a guy anyway, he knows what to expect. At least I hope he does.
It's been a friggin' busy, bapak segala busy week. Add to the fact that I had to attend some whatever kursus in PD earlier in the week, by the time I reached home, it was fast and furious from the word Go! There were tons of things to be done. This is a lesson for all you soon-to-be parents: Get at least 3 kids, and make sure 2 of 'em are boys coz if you're the only son, you're expected to be Hercules and carry everything as if it's peanuts. Not that I'm complaining though. I think the size of my biceps quadrupled over the weekend.
But the wedding day itself, it was beautiful. EE was beautiful. Bang Farez was dashing. It wasn't exactly smooth sailing. There were a few hiccups here and there but on the whole, I was satisfied on how it came out. Even though the groom had to repeat his lafaz nikah (probably he was intimidated by Papa who did the honours), it was nice really. You could feel the sense of relief from everyone in the room when the saksi said "Sah!" It was like taking a free throw at the last second in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Everyone was holding their breath. The pressure! I don't know if I could handle it myself.
The reception that night was a story itself. I'm sorry if invitations were limited. I'll make sure each one of you can come during my wedding reception. Did I say my wedding? I meant errrr...like that one lah. But back to EE's reception, even though a short video presentation of her was canceled due to some technical difficulties, we had it covered and it's a good thing we had a backup plan as well. The family was of course, dissapointed, especially Papa who seemed like he could rip the poor guy's head off. But the guests didn't notice, so I guess that was a good thing. The show must go on, as they say. Crisis management, people...jangan tak tau...heheh.
The food was nice and the decorations were pretty. Kudos to the caterer and set designer who I think did a swell job. I could recommend them to you guys for those in the Seremban area. And I wanna do a bit of basket lifting myself, cause I think my Thank You speech that night wasn't too bad either...hehe. It proved that a collaboration between me and Papa could turn out well. He drafted the main body, I just tinkered around and sprinkled my bits and pieces here and there. I even got to recite a few homemade pantuns myself. And you know how my pantuns are. It's a good thing the guests which consisted mainly of old-timers, received the humour quite well. Best gile.
But I guess the best part about weddings is the reunion. Relatives far and wide, old friends from yesteryear, people you haven't met in ages were there in attendance. Some of Mama's friends from the clinic who I last saw when I was taking UPSR were there and remained the ever-lovable aunties that I knew. Of course, you kinda get bored of the usual "Ohhh..dah besar dah sekarang ye" line, but it's EE's wedding so who gives a hoot? One of Papa's friends even thought I went to 'You-know-what-school.' He had the nerve to ask me which house I used to be. Cehhh...sorry la. Koleq tak main aaaa...kan Jeg? Hehe..
Old friends from the Rasah fraternity were there too, now all grown up with kids of their own. I remembered hanging around Pak Dollah's house as a kid to watch the Mission Impossible series because we couldn't get TV3 reception over at Tok Chik's house. Honestly, that night was a journey down memory lane for most of the time. Loved it.
When everything was over, there was this sense of relief yet sadness. Relief that everything we planned and worked for the past 11 months was over and done. Sad, because EE will be leaving the house to be with her husband. It's bound to happen. And for that, I am happy for her.
She doesn't read this blog and I hope she never does, but like I said that night, I love you and I wish you all the best. You may be married, but you will always be my sister. And I, will always be your Adik.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o