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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A-Z of Life in Dayasari

I rarely ever blog about my life in College. I find that quite awkward since they were some of the best times in my life. I never regretted one bit of it, even though I pretty much screwed up my 1st year in Uni. But it was a great experience and one that I would have gone through, if not better if I had another chance.
I found this piece as I was going through my old computer during my uni days. It was meant to be published for the College magazine during my final year. But as with all things me, it never was submitted and thus, never saw the light of day. So, since this is my blog (insert I can do whatever I want cliche' here) I thought, heck why not? I tweaked a teeny bit of this just to make it more relevant, but I tried not to alter things much just to preserve its originality. With that, this is my A-Z of Life in Dayasari (that's Fifth College to you):

A is for Adiratna
The highest honour bestowed upon a Collegian. The recipient usually becomes THE centre of attraction during Annual Dinner. They say it's also a babe magnet, but I noticed that only one of the past recipients graduated with an awek. Betul ke, Apai? :p

B is for Bangunan Peperiksaan
Everything you learned for the whole semester (for some people, everything last night) is tested here. Also famous for its sub-zero temperatures.

C is for Co-op
Just like 7 Eleven except that it's not open 24 hours and they don't sell Durex.

D is for DTC
The place where we dream of collecting our scrolls, and not some sports complex in Bukit Jalil.

E is for Empty
How it is in college during the weekends.

F is for FFC
A group of die hard, fanatical supporters of Fifth College usually seen during SUKMUM. Also makes English football hooligans look like wimps.

G is for Gold
The colour of medals usually won by Fifth College athletes.

H is for Home
A place some seniors haven't gone to for a looooonnnggg time.

I is for Internet
Something we wished we had in our rooms. Until then, we'll just envy 10th College...sigh (I heard the whole of UM is now wired. Wi-fi lagi. Demn.)

J is for Juniors
What the seniors look forward to every time a new session starts.

K is for KFC
They don't sell hot and spicy chicken, but they do have sup ekor, nasi pattaya and anything local you can think of. Even the Colonel would be proud. (For those in the dark, KFC stands for Kantin Fifth College)

L is for Lobby
A favourite place to hangout after lunch and at night. Also functions as a meeting place, dance floor, and a place to open all sorts of useless counters.

M is for Master
Beloved and respected. (This is for the Master at the time. When I was finishing, the new guy errrr...can I say sucked?)

N is for Nine
The number we love to hate.

O is for OPAC
Very useful when doing assignments and final year project, even though the computers look like they have the same age as we are.

P is for PSP
Also known as Festival Seni, it's the only time of year where guys are forgiven for wearing lipstick and makeup.

Q is for Queue
What you don't see at the bus stop but surprisingly, normally seen at the 'Dewan Makan'.

R is for Rimba Ilmu
The place that houses and breeds the most devastating creature in Fifth College...monkeys. (The monkeys are long gone and extinct nowadays)

S is for SUKMUM
An event we totally dominate to the point that you pity the other colleges that get beaten up every year.

T is for Tentera
No shortage of these around when you have the whole PALAPES squadron here.

U is for Uncle
The lovable guy who helms the office counter. The keeper of all keys. (Uncle has sinced retired)

V is for Video camera
What the guys at KAVFO handles best.

W is for Water cooler
Despite the name, the ones in Fifth rarely produce cold water. Also functions as a place for spitting and washing cooking utensils.

X is for Xerox machine
What we wish to have available in College.

Y is for Yellow
The colour of the toilet bowls and urinals in Fifth.

Z is for Zero
The number of words that start with Z that I can think of that has anything to do with life in Dayasari and UM.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o