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Monday, November 07, 2005

Syawal 1426

Another Hari Raya passes by. Another one for the memory book.
My annual Aidilfitri actually looks roughly the same every year. Eid prayers at the masjid. Visiting my aunts and uncles in the Seremban area. Paying my respects to Atuk, Nenek and Adik who have passed away. Short detour to Mambau. And hosting the whole family at night before finishing up at Pak Yib's house around midnight. By then, all the ketupats, rendangs and chocolate cake starts to kick in and you really feel like it's been a long day. Going to bed on the first day of Syawal has never been a difficult task.
This year's Aidilfitri has been significant in its own way. This year marks the last (Insya-Allah) Hari Raya for my sister as an anak dara. This time next year she'll be somebody's wife and who knows, I might become an uncle myself. I guess it will be kinda weird to have a new member of the family, but I shall look forward to these changes next year. The thought of EE not being around the house on Hari Raya eve is a bit sentimental too.
And there were a few absentees this year as well. Hari Raya regulars such as Bang Dan and Bang Pit were not around in the country to celebrate with us.
Not forgetting too, were those who have left us the past year. Their absence was really felt, especially for close family members. Though they might not still be around, the memories still remain and adds to the melancholic mood of the celebration. It also serves as a reminder to hope that we be lucky enough to greet the next Ramadhan.
And me? It's a special time of the year and I count my blessings for the wonderful family and friends that I have. A simple greeting from an old friend who I haven't seen for some time really makes it all worthwhile. But it's funny that 2 certain greetings really touched me. Maybe because of the simple fact that it's from old friends. Or maybe because they don't celebrate Aidilfitri at all.

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