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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Not your typical day

It's quiet here in the office. Typical day? Not quite.

Haven't seen some action for a while. You know what they say, absence makes you go weak. I'm not weak. Last week's fiasco at the joint proves that. You should have seen it. The fear in their eyes. Something to live for.
They say the eyes are a dead giveaway. How true. Never show 'em the eyes. No matter how much you're pissing in your Calvin Kleins. You just don't. Never. Ever.

Miss J is still on leave. I miss her morning greetings already. You big mush. There's something about a woman's voice and smell that really makes your day. At times it can be blinding. You just gotta know the difference.

Am looking forward to tonight. The Keeper has something he wants to say. I wonder what he wants. I haven't seen the guy for quite a while. He rarely makes an appearance but when he does, you can bet your dimes and nickels people pay attention. He's one slick fella too. Never done business with the guy. Never had a reason to. But they say you don't mess around with him. You never mess around with guys like The Keeper. He knows everyone up there. He mixes around with the big boys. And you don't want to mess around with the big boys, do you?

The silence here is killing me.

Only the sound of an old Carrier buzzing away breaks the morning stillness. I wonder what 'ol Kay is doing. Maybe I should ask him if he wants to hear what The Keeper has to say. I don't think he's interested. Kay has been busy these past few weeks. I guess it's the new dame he's with. Nice gal, she is. Unlike the dames that hang around the neighbourhood. They're sharper than your double-edged razor blade. If you're not careful, you might cut yourself. And blood and dames makes a dangerous concoction.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall.
It's almost time.

I gathered my stuff and left the place. The town is quiet today. Must be the festivities.

Holidays. They're so over-rated.

It's a nice town that I live in. But then things are always pretty on the surface. Let me tell ya sometimes things can get pretty ugly. And when it does, you don't want to hang around and find out.
But it's a decent place. You've got your nice shopkeepers and your friendly townspeople. They're a bunch of okay people. Oprah would be proud.

I reached Joe's a little over past eight. There was a huge crowd there already. I wriggled my way through the crowd and found myself a nice spot. There was this huge runt beside me with a face that's seen a million brawls. I wonder if his nose is where it used to be.


He nods half-heartedly.

"You're here for The Keeper?"
"What does it look like to you?"


Bloody prick.

I just can't wait for The Keeper's appearance. This place stinks. Like the rotten eggs they serve down at the yard. And the air was filled with clouds of smoke coming out of their Marlboros and Camels. I could die breathing in all this shit.

And so the moment arrives. Finally.
You could see the anticipation on everyone's face. Even Mr. Butt Ugly beside me was excited. Though I was excited myself, I put on my usual poker face.

The Keeper looked nice and healthy for a man his age. Only the old wrinkles on the neck gave away the years that he's been through. He started off by greeting everyone tonight. Then he went through the usual diddle daddle. Yada yada stuff. Hurry up, will ya?

And finally, it came.

What everyone was waiting for. We waited with baited breath. What will The Keeper say? Is it? Won't it? What??

And so the words finally came out,

"Esok Raya!!"

*For maximum results, read in black and white film noir-ish tone.

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