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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Balik Sekolah

I've been following this weblog by some school seniors in the run-up to next year's OBW (that's Old Boys' Weekend to you). I was particularly amused by this certain entry.
It brought up old memories of main railing (a cross between sepak takraw and football played at the dormitory railings), the multi-purpose and ever useful gayung (or Chez Bok :P) and even Friday prayer times spent up in the loteng.
Ahhhh...it's ever so easy to reminisce about how things were great back in school. In all honesty, it wasn't all nice and rosy. Egos clashing (boys being boys), the post-puberty dilemma (not helped by being in a single-sex environment), hormones raging and experimenting with everything under the sun. Yet, these are all but a small dot on the bigger picture that is the great memory of growing up with friends brothers.
It's funny how school ties can transcend boundaries. You may come from different generations, but there's always that feeling of brotherhood. Somehow, you always feel like you can relate. And being old boys, you always talk about how things were better during your time. Warga tua talk? Nama pun old boys.
Actually, I have no intention of going to OBW next year. After attending in 2004, I thought I'd lay low for a couple of years before making my journey back to Ipoh. But after reading the weblog and seeing the spirit and organisation of the Organising Committee, I might think of checking into the 6 Seasons Ho(s)tel. And if they can get Marion, considered I'm there already.

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