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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Talk of the town

Seremban is buzzing with delight lately. I've never seen this town so excited since errrrr....mmmm...ahhhh...I can't remember when.
The reason for all this euphoria is the opening of the eagerly-anticipated Jaya Jusco in Seremban 2. So as a good citizen of Serembanville, I had to get my ass down there to see what the hype was all about. And with that, I spent the weekend checking out Seremban's latest fad.
Friday night was spent watching 'The Longest Yard' at TGV. TGV in Seremban? Whoa. I never thought I would type that out just a few months ago. The place was still brand new. Construction was still taking place. It's a good thing I didn't get any cement in my hot dog. And even the cineplex smelled of fresh paint. No wonder there weren't many people watching. I could easily blame Adam Sandler for that, but my hunch tells me maybe it's the place. It's a good thing they had the staff working too, else there might have been just the 3 of us plus the couple making out at the back. Whew.
And the crowd today was just ramai gile. I hardly had any breathing space. And speaking about space, parking was non-existent. I parked a good half a kilometer away. It was crazy I tell ya. Jakun betul la orang Somban ni. Myself included :P
But I'm really glad they opened up the place in the first place. It's a good boost for Seremban's ailing township. It's like a small answer to our prayers. And I bet there are tons of that alright. Best thing is, it's hardly 10 minutes from home. Double whammy. And so, globalisation finally reaches Seremban's shores. Yes, planet Starbucks has landed.
Midvalley? OU?? Apa tu?

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