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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Live from Seremban, it's Saturday night!!

Ho-hum, the weekend's halfway over already.
Just finished attending another majlis berbuka today at the MB's place. This should be the last for this year (I hope). Social gatherings can be quite tiresome. It sounds fun at first, but then you find yourself coming back late at night looking forward to see your pillow. Though I know this might be something I have to grow accustomed to, I still wonder how politicians do it. Tak penat ke sucking-up and all that?
But good thing it's Saturday night. And Saturday nights at home usually mean footy and CNBC. CNBC?? You read that right. You're missing a lot if CNBC isn't part of your weekend. Back-to-back Leno and the crazy people at SNL are not to be missed. Add to that Jon Stewart at CNN (yes, CNN) and you've got a great reason to subscribe to the News package. Hey, the news channels are not just about Bush and Co. okay, even though on a humour level they're about the same.
They used to have Conan right after Jay Leno, who I thought was even crazier than Jay himself even though his guestlists were mostly 'whoisdat?'. Who cares? Just change channels after the monologue lah.
But did you catch Leno tonight? He had Dakota Fanning as a guest, who I thought was sooooo adorable and cute. Really cute, as in 'I'd-like-to-pinch-her-cheeks-till-it-bleeds' cute. And she had braces on. And she was so bubbly and all that. And I mean that in the most non-paedophilitic (?) way possible. You people believe me, right? Right??
And oh...before I forget. I know this might be a bit late, but Chelsea are OUT of the League Cup. Nenenenene!!

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