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Monday, September 19, 2005

Whirldwind Weekend

How was your weekend? Mine was a mixed bunch of sorts. I'm suprised I don't blog as much as I would like to. I don't know why. One thing I'm sure of is that it can't be work-related pressure. No bloody way. Hehe.
Actually I got tons of things I would like write about, but since I wanna put 'em all in one posting, I guess this jumbled up digest of Stone's weekend would have to do. Not that anyone would give a damn anyhow.
Saturday was officially family day. Like literally. Spent the whole day going on a rombongan bertunang to Jerantut. If there's one thing I like about family gatherings (there aren't many I'm fond of), it's just sitting there and watching my makciks berborak. They're such gems. They could go from Mahathir to Mawi in one breath. And speaking of our 'world'ly one, I learned a whole lot of things about Mawi in 30 minutes just by observing them. Ko cakap aje la apa pun. Isu burger? Mawi dah sombong? What M. Nasir taught him? How many SMSes ASTRO received? Even the latest and hottest topic an Channel 15. You read that right. Channel 15. I rest my case.
I spent the night over at my Pak Long's place in Sikamat. He was alone and asked some of us bujang senang to come over and accompany him. I thought it was gonna be like some guys night out or something. Dead wrong. Pak Long slept with us downstairs. So much for the carom plan. I even slept early. It was kinda eerie and quiet too. The house looked so hollow. I don't wanna grow old like this. Bole tak?
Sunday was gearing-up-for-the-Oscars day. Even though it's still months away, I'm planning early this year :p Watched Crash (not to be mistaken for the erotic version) on DVD and what can I say? Kickass lineup of Hollywood stars past and present (watch out for glimpses of Tony 'Who's the Boss?' Danza and Daniel Day Kim of 'Lost'), this racially themed movie shows the raw and brutal reality of racist post-9/11 LA. After watching it, it gives me the impression that maybe we're not that racist. We're just people with everyday issues and problems who might happen to be in a wrong situation at a wrong time. We may seem racist at first, but underneath there might be a different story altogether. And besides, when you have Don Cheadle in your movie you can't go wrong. This black dude is so under-rated, man. Who needs Denzel?
I followed that up with Cinderella Man (not to be mistaken for Mr. Cinderella). This is a great movie. Feel-good movies never felt this good. I almost wept a tear for a second here. I don't care what people say about Russel Crowe. It was a great performance from him and everyone involved including our favourite Happy Days man behind the camera, Ron Howard. Screw the Oscars, SAGs, Cannes or even the Golden Globes, Cinderella Man just triumphs in my heart. Who said boxing was for tough guys?
And last night I ended the day with my favorite makcik, Oprah who had a reunion of the Seinfeld cast. I missed Seinfeld. I remembered catching it on a crude reception of the now-defunct MetroVision some time ago. I so adore Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She's so cute and funny. In all honesty, I got hooked up on Arrested Development after stopping at Channel 70 while doing some channel surfing because I caught a glimpse of her as the 'blind' lawyer. Truth be told.
And there goes my weekend. Julia Loius-Dreyfus and Mawi? I got great company, don't I?

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