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Monday, September 12, 2005

Checking In

First day of work in a new office. I was really looking forward to this day. I dunno, I guess first days in a new environment are always a monumental moment.
I could hardly sleep last night. I have this thing going when I'm excited. I make sure everything's done and in fine order. I ironed my shirt and trousers, Kiwied my shoes, put everything in a nice folder and even made sure I had a nice tie to go with the shirt. Okay..maybe I was a wee bit excited, so sue me will ya?
I even woke up at 6 this morning with the known fact about Seremban's almost non-existent traffic jams. I took my own sweet time. Had a quick bite before going off to work, something I haven't done in a long time. There's something about home-cooked breakfast that's so motherly.
Driving in Seremban during rush hour is no rush at all. I was singing along with Shazmin's morning playlist as I cruised through the traffic. Never in my life would I imagine myself working in Seremban. Ahhh...'tis is the life.
Here I was with my ambition and desire all wrapped up in me. Semangat berkobar-kobar would be an understatement to describe how I feel. My passion was burning so brightly it could subsititute the morning sun. I stepped into the office feeling like Man of the Year material. I was on fire, man! Give me what you've got, rakyat. Stone is here to save the day!
And then the officer told me to pergi minum dulu.
And suddenly I could hear the toilet flushing in my head.
So much for the fire.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o